Musician To Watch: Kygo

The day has finally arrived!! The arrival of Norwegian DJ Kygo’s long-awaited debut album ‘Cloud Nine’. If you haven’t already heard about this guy, or rather, his work, then I shall be sending out prayers for your soul and the dark place it has been in thus far.

I first came across his work while scrolling through Tumblr back in 2014 (what can’t you find on Tumblr amiright??). The song was a remix he’d done of The Weeknd’s song ‘Often’. After one listen I .Was. Sold.
The name ‘Cloud Nine’ fits the album perfectly!

 Kygo’s story is a pretty interesting one: while halfway through a business and finance degree at the university of Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh, Scotland, he opted out and decided to pursue a career in music instead, and thank God he did!
I heard  Firestone, a single from the album, on YouTube and had it on repeat for a solid four months (don’t do that ever). I was stoked to hear the song playing in the background  while watching an episode on Teen Wolf one night (there’s something about watching a favourite artist go from strength to strength that gets you feeling like a proud parent, ahaha).

And then came the beauty that was ‘Stay’……

When I first saw the track list for ‘Cloud Nine’ and the collabs it’d feature, I was a tad bit sceptical  (terribly confused). Artists such as Kodaline???? Tom Odell???? Both artists who’s work I respect to the highest degree and love with all my heart (All I Want, and Can’t Pretend respectively, GO LISTEN TO THEM NOOOOWWW AAHH!!), but together with Kygo? I never once imagined that house and rock or indie pop would fit so well together but boy was I wrong. I think people with all music tastes can find at least one song that they love from this album. Personally, ‘Raging’ is my sure fire favourite off of “Cloud Nine”.
This album’s gold, and this guy’s definitely one to watch.

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