Shows To Watch: Empire

You know that sad time of year when one of your favourite show ends for the season and you’re left hugging your knees to your chest in a corner rocking back and forth wondering what to do with your life till it starts up again? Just me? Okay. Lol. No more binge-watching 😦 and in this case no more new music *cries* but hey, I guess it’s a wake up call from life, besides I’m sure you, reading this, has homework/studying for exams to do (right after you finish reading this blog post hahaha)!

The first time I heard about Empire, I’d actually assumed it was yet another office/legal drama. I never expected anyone to create a music centred drama, this was something a little different to all the other shows making up prime time television.

What caught my attention was the cast, namely the lead actress being none other than Taraji P. Henson. That woman is the queen B of tv. The role of Cookie Lyon was written, in fact PREDESTINED for her! No one would have been able to pull it off so flawlessly, you can’t fight me on this one.

For all those who have been living under rocks or in caves, Empire is a music centred drama following the Lyon family and their endless battles to gain control over the family company, Empire.

I was OBSESSED from the very first episode of the first season to the last, and to find that with a show is hard sometimes.

Initially, season 2 felt like it was moving at a much slower pace and had completely lost momentum, but I was eating my words halfway through: Anika being pregnant, Hakeem’s relationship with Laura, Camilla’s return and her sudden death, also, although I was still holding a grudge over Rhonda getting away with Vernon’s murder so easily, my heart BLEEDS for her and that miscarriage, the way that woman was pushed (and then flew) down the stairs, what kind of heartless MONSTER would….. another thing I can’t get over was how Courtney Love’s character never got the chance to prove herself after being sabotaged by Anika back in season 1. Don’t even get me STARTED on Anika (petition to get her character killed off). You’ll love all the celebrity guest stars on this one, throwback to Raven Symone guest starring in season 1 :’) (whaddup That’s So Raven fans).

Fave celeb guest stars: Kelly Rowland, Chris Rock, Ludacris , Alicia Keys
Celeb guest stars I never expected: Naomi Campbell and Becky G uhm …….what??

Cameos I’d love to see: Nicki Minaj and Rihanna (it could happen guys!)

One of my favourite moments on the show till this day is Jamal coming out at the white party, but what I don’t understand too well is what was so hard about his character admitting that he was/might be bi in season 2?? It seems that there is a great deal more stigma in society as a whole surrounding being a bisexual than even being gay. And why do we place so much importance on these labels anyway?? #Loveislove

However by biggest beef with the show is them NOT GIVING US ENOUGH OF TIANA, I NEED THIS GIRL FEATURED MORE OMG PLS!!
Anyway, time for important things now, the music!!

Favourite tracks from the show: The classics: Drip Drop

You’re So Beautiful

And: No Apologies

Keep Your Money

What The DJ Says

Ready To Go

Ain’t About The Money


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