Musicians to watch: Fifth Harmony

Normani Hamilton, Camila Cabello, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke. These are the five girls who make up ‘Fifth Harmony’. Thought it was only fitting to start off with that because we can’t be having a “Coldplay-is-that-band-with-Chris Martin-and-whoever-the-other-guys- are, Maroon 5-is-the-band-with-Adam -Levine-and-company situation with every single band guys hahaha, come on. Also because I was part of that bandwagon up until recently to be completely honest.

This American girl group saw their origins on the X Factor, and have gone on to be the most successful musicians the show has produced to date.

The inner choir-master in me feels nothing but joy listening to the sound of not one, not 2, but FIVE beautiful voices perfectly in tune *sheds a tear*
The first track I heard from the band was “Miss Movin’ On” which is still a favourite to this day, alongside “Better Together”.


At first I was pretty convinced that although talented, the group would eventually fizzle out to nothing (whatever happened to the likes of the Sugababes? The Saturdays? Etc) over (a short period of) time. I can say with great relief that I’m more than impressed, in fact proud, at not only how successful they’ve become, but how much more successful they continue to be with each passing day. These girls never fail to outdo themselves! You are a foul LIAR if you claim to not have jammed out to at least one of their undeniably catchy songs Boss, Worth It, Sledgehammer or my current favourite “Work From Home”.

Oh my….. no words.Pleases don’t mess around with me if you don’t jam to that song hard core, I take Camilla’s closing solos and the music video choreography VERY seriously, ahem excuse you (said the world’s most terrible dancer to the subtotal population of ‘no one cares’)

Their premier album ‘Reflection’ was a hit, and after the release of the single ‘Work From Home’ I have been DESPERATELY awaiting the release of ‘7/27’. The name of the album is the date the group was formed (and not the album release date thank GOD, ain’t nobody got time to wait till JULY for new music!!).
The girls have often been compared to the likes of Destiny’s Child, which I thought was a bit of a stretch (Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle will FOREVER be my queens *cue Independent Women and Survivor*) but looking at how well the girls are doing so far (26 awards won, and 45 nominations and counting) maybe not so much. It’s so refreshing to see a girl group doing so well in the industry, and at such a young too! Maybe there’s hope for the rest of us ahaha.
If you’re a hard core fangirl like me, or simply want to get to know the girls a bit more (you SHOULD) then you should check out their awesomeness TV tour diaries 🙂

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