Musician To Watch: Shawn Mendes

At only seventeen, Shawn Mendes sure has made a name for himself in the music industry. He was discovered through the social media app Vine choosing to go against the grain of following the all too familiar YouTube route. Looks like the days of travelling to Nashville with the hopes of signing a record deal are soon to be long gone #teaminternet is redefining the passage into mainstream media. What makes Shawn’s story unique is how we’re all so used to Vine being a source of comedy entertainment, so for him to have used the six second app for the purposes of promoting his MUSIC content is quite interesting.

I remember back in 2014 wondering why on EARTH I couldn’t avoid hearing this guy’s name wherever I went online. I put up a brave fight against going out of my way (a few clicks) to find out who he was and what he did before caving in. This is one battle I’m glad to have conceded to. I first listened to ‘Life of The Party’ then ‘Something Big’ and was blown away by his vocals.


Then came the monster hit ‘Stitches’

At that point,  I was desperate to hear more of his music, and was pleasantly surprised with the release of his album ‘Handwritten’ If you love the sound of the acoustic guitar, then THIS IS FOR YOOUU!! Can I pick a favourite song off of the album? Well can a mother pick a favourite child?? *clicks tongue* So go listen to all these beauties, and be BLESSED, just take my word on this one:)





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