My first time: Trying churros

Churro: A fried-dough pastry popular in countries such as France and Spain. When it first came to my knowledge that this treat was available in Nairobi KENYA as well, I swear the gates of heaven opened and light came streaming down around me as the angels sang. Gone were the days of longingly stalking food blogs on Tumblr and Instagram fantasizing about the day I’d (in 2 decades time when and if I managed to make enough money to traverse abroad and) find them.

The sacred location serving the above-mentioned churros? The Tapas Ceviche Bar at the Westgate mall in Nairobi. This was my first time visiting the restaurant, and would not have been possible hadn’t the mall been renovated as quickly as it was after the Westgate attack tragedy of 2013. Out of my 6 years worth of visiting the mall, I’d never once ventured to try any of the terrace restaurants, only going as far as Art Caffe. The Tapas Ceviche Bar sits at the very entrance of the mall, and is the first right when you enter the mall. This restaurant may be small in size but is definitely big on taste and personality.

My friends and I visited on a cool evening and chose to sit outside to enjoy the evening breeze and outside view.

Upon arrival of the food, I made sure to snap the above picture (thank God for friends who are just as much of avid Instagramers as I am). After the contents of the table were returned to their places (our drinks, the salt and pepper shakers etc) we dug in.

The churros were delightfully warm, as if straight out of the cooker and onto my plate with only seconds in between. They were long, golden brown and dusted with sugar granules. If I had to describe the taste I’d say that they resembled a combination of a long crunchy biscuit bearing the same crumbly exterior, but the taste of a beignet of sorts. It’s hard to put down to a T, it really was something special. And coupled with the accompaniment of the chocolate and caramel sauce dips? PERFECTION. I’m talking the kind of treat that makes you sit and sigh with your eyes closed in satisfaction. The Tapas Bar holds a very relaxed and easy-paced ambience. If you are in Nairobi, you should definitely stop by 🙂

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

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