Mr Donut review

Ever tried finding a 3 year old in a crowded room? Your lost earrings under your bed covers? The right answer to a multiple choice question where EVERY SINGLE ANSWER sounds exactly the same? That’s what finding something special, new or different on the food market feels like, especially when it comes to a pastry as widespread and common as a doughnut.

When I first heard about the upcoming arrival of the franchise ‘Mr Donut’ to Nairobi, I fell hard and fast into the hype. An American-style donut that was unlike anything being provided locally? This I had to taste and see for myself to believe.

By the time Mr Donut had arrived, I had been food-lusting over food blog reviews and pictures of their doughnuts for days on end. With that high a level of anticipation, came the fear of the possibility of it being all talk and no substance, a disappointment, a let down, average.

At long last, my cousin and I headed over to their newly opened (at the time) Valley Arcade branch. The waiters on hand were super friendly, and their enthusiasm only fuelled my anticipation for the food they were serving, even more.

First off, the doughnuts already got points for presentation-large round, colourful, beautiful in every way possible- hence my demanding my cousin made sure not to eat/dent/squash/drop/smear/lick her doughnut till we got home where I snapped the above picture (Instagram guys, PRIORITIES XD)

My cousin had ordered the strawberry delight while I went for the more traditional choco heaven flavour. We took a bite at the same time, and my heart did a little somersault of joy while my tastebuds have a collective sigh of appreciation (and relief).

This was no bland or boring imitation, this was the real deal. The dough was the perfect density, fresh, soft and moist (think a fluffy cloud or your favourite pillow) while the frosting was not aggressively sweet, but still sweet enough to make its presence known. The doughnut tasted as if it were the love-child of a cupcake and a beignet.

I’d buy an entirebox of these per day if I could, but one needs their own money and a good measure of self control  (both of which I am severely lacking) to do that.

Mr Donut definitely lives up to its name 🙂

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

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