Restaurant review: Mambo Italia

All those who are busy doing or have ever done A-levels know that the struggle is REAL. That is exactly the reason why despite living down the road to Mambo Italia, I only had the pleasure of visiting their Lavington branch almost a year after it opened.

I had already heard a raving review from a friend who claimed it was the best Italian food he’d ever had in his life. Now that’s a pretty big statement coming from a fellow food snob. My excitement escalated when I looked at their menu online. Chocolate chunk, cinnamon chilli gelato? Nutella PIZZAS? Now this I HAD to try for myself and see with my own eyes.
I finally got the opportunity to go. Mambo Italia has beautiful premises, with wide open spaces, brightly coloured decor and the option between indoor or  outdoor seating. The restaurant gives off such a warm homely feeling, which made me fall in love almost instantly.

If it hadn’t been for my pending travel plans and moving house and ultimately countries, I would GLADLY have moved into the restaurant  (room for one??)
The artificial grass in the outdoor area makes you feel as if you really are sitting out in a garden restaurant somewhere, while still enjoying the luxury of the upstairs view.
I went on to visit the restaurant twice more after my first visit. This place will have you wanting more, believe me.

You MUST try their wide selection of gelato; chocolate chunk, chilli cinnamon, vanilla flavours – there’s something for everyone! Their gelato had me on cloud nine, and the hearty portions won’t leave you disappointed, no measly scoop here! You get your money’s worth.
As a vegetarian, I was impressed by the availability of non-meat options on the menu.
If you have a sweet tooth like me, you have to try the nutella pizza. Such a winner!
At most restaurants, you seldom find even one courteous waiter, not the case at Mambo Italia. During each and every visit I was met with the most kind, warm, friendly, welcoming, and helpful waiters.

If you’re in Nairobi, be sure to drop by 🙂


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