The Worst weekend

1 week. It’s been one week since the incident happened and I’m still mad. Confused. Devastated.
For those of you who might not already know,  Christina Grimmie, 22, is an American singer/Youtuber who  was shot and killed while signing autographs for fans outside the concert she’d been performing at with the band she was touring with, Before You Exit. She had her arms open ready to hug this man like any other fan, before he proceeded to shoot her. She had no idea.

I will not sit here and claim to be the biggest Christina Grimmie fan that ever lived, because I’m not. My sister showed me a couple of her videos back in the day and I was blown away by her vocals.

This girl’s voice is unreal. I hadn’t checked up on her recently, only hearing about how she’d gone on to be on the Voice. In the back of my mind I’d resolved to check up on her sometime. Then this happened.

I never expected to feel so deeply saddened by the death of someone I barely knew. But I guess as a person who dreams of doing what she did, make music and perform on stage, to think that something like this could have happened at a safe haven, a place as sacred to a music lover as a concert, makes me hate this world so much.
This just goes to show, once again, that stricter gun control laws in the U.S. are long overdue. How much longer are they, we, gonna watch people die?
I hate being angry. I hate it. So what I’ll take from Christina’s life is inspiration: to be a better person, to spread love and kindness to those around me, to not be afraid to follow my dreams. Life’s too short to do otherwise.
Rest in paradise Christina ❤

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