My First Time at: Banneton Bakery & Cafe

If there’s anyone who’s always clued up about the latest going-ons and popular restaurants in the neighbourhood, it’s my mom. When she first told me about Banneton, I was delighted to hear that it was a cafe-bakery. Nothing beats a nice warm pastry and a good cup of coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker that is, I’m personally not a fan of the bitter aftertaste, and always make a beeline for hot chocolate on restaurant menus). Banneton’s is relatively new to Walmer, Port Elizabeth so that explained why I’d never heard of it.

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We paid our first visit on a sunny Sunday morning. The place got pretty packed after about an hour or so. Looks like it’s already a crowd favourite, and I can understand why. The staff are super friendly, and the little restaurant together with its rustic decor and bright cutlery create such a bright and inviting atmosphere.

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I was a little disappointed with their breakfast menu selection, or rather lack of it (no waffles? Pancakes?) but overall the food quality was up to par (no stale food here!). I ordered an almond croissant with a side of mushrooms, because why not? 🙂 The almond croissant was warm, crisp and flaky on the outside, and moist and fluffy on the inside.

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They get extra points for their dry sense of humour hahaha 🙂 This is the perfect place to pop in if you’re in the neighbourhood, wanna have a quick breakfast or catch-up with friends. The more cafes in the neighbourhood, the merrier!

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