Have A Listen

Here’s the weekly round up of music you really need to check out (in case you haven’t already, I just so happen to be 3 years behind in everything and listen to songs for years and years and years on end lol)!

If you have any must-listen-to songs on your mind please leave them as a comment below and we can discover new music together 🙂

Birds by Coldplay

This song makes my heart soar (no pun intended) every time I listen to it :’)

Make A Shadow by Meg Myers

No Problem by Chance The Rapper

Bacon By Nick Jonas ft Ty Dolla $ign

When I first saw the song title I was like????? ‘This can’t be good’ I thought, preparing myself for the absolute worst. But it is was good, booooy was it good.

It’s Only by Odesza 

Help Me Close My Eyes by Those Dancing Days

Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith

Dear potential baes: If you want to win me over, you have to sing this song while simultaneously playing it on the guitar, or you can just. Keep. Walking. (lol jk #foreveralone)

We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Eyre

This woman’s voice is a true blessing omg

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