Have A Listen

Here’s the weekly round up of music you really need to check out (in case you haven’t already, I just so happen to be 3 years behind in everything and listen to songs for years and years and years on end)!

If you have must-listen-to songs on your mind please leave them as a comment below and we can discover new music together 🙂

For You by Fickle Friends

Polarize by Twenty One Pilots

Only started listening to these guys a short while ago. No regrets other than I wish I’d taken an interest in their music sooner!

Paris by Magic Man

About A Girl by Nirvana

All I can say is that I always wish with all my heart that Nirvana had been around a while longer to make more music 😦

Gibberish by Max Schneider ft Hoodie Allen

He doesn’t just make covers, he has his own music tooo guys ahaha. This one’s a banger.

How We Livin’ by Jack and Jack

Love or hate the Vine-turned-music stars, you have to admit that this song by Jack and Jack is a smooth one. Is that a thing? Describing a song as “smooth”? Idek, listen to it and you’ll understand what I mean.

Weekend by Mac Miller ft Miguel

I never would’ve expected a collab between these two, but after hearing this, I wonder why it never happened sooner!

Lush Life by Zara Larsson

Actually heard this song for the first time almost a year ago, but didn’t pay much attention to it till this year, and fell in love when I gave it another listen. I was already a fan after my intense obsession over her hit “Never Forget You” with MNEK. I hope Zara’s here to stay, her music’s beyond catchy, and those vocalsss at her age…..wowowowow. In-love with her ❤

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