Oh how time fliiieess :O Today marks exactly two years since Leigh-Ann and I uploaded our first video to YouTube!

Up till now, our first video will always be my fave :’)

As nerve-wracking as performing in front of a crowd, onstage, is, putting yourself out there on the internet comes with its own fears.

I can still remember my hands shaking when clicking the publish button on every single one of our videos. Is there a live audience watching? Well, no. But the anxieties still stand: Are people gonna like it? Is the song we picked too fast/slow/old/recent/indie/mainstream/impersonal/boring? Is anyone even gonna watch it in the first place? I came to accept the fact that if I was to remain sane while doing this, I had to always remind myself about the reason we even started: we love to sing. And that’s all that matters, that’s what’s most important.

If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel, go right ahead! Do something that you love, and it will show. Do it for the right reasons too-Lord knows how YouTube has been lacking in genuineness of late.

Most important is that consistency is KEY! Yes, we are guilty as charged. It’s been a minute *cough, year, cough* since we last uploaded but that is only due to distance problems. Leigh-Ann and I are at different universities, and I don’t live in Kenya anymore, which makes planning to meet up difficult. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We will continue to make content, as soon as that door of opportunity opens. Music is a part of us, and I know we’ve grown as musicians in the past year, so our videos will only be better for it when the time comes for us to make them again.

Our best video so far? This one I think….

The one with the most views?

I wish you saw the amount of tomfoolery that goes on behind-the-scenes when we make these hahaha, its always such a fun time (and an excuse for us to hang out and get our parents to pick and drop us at each other’s house lol).

Our first non-music related video 🙂

Our first original song…

Here’s to 2(0) more years on YouTube 🙂

Also, shoutout to my friend, Sahil, for designing our beautiful new channel icon! 🙂

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

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