Have A Listen

Here’s the weekly round up of music you really need to check out (in case you haven’t already, I just so happen to be 3 years behind in everything and listen to songs for years and years and years on end)!

If you have must-listen-to songs on your mind please leave them as a comment below and we can discover new music together 🙂

Gasoline by Halsey

Gotta love Halsey’s sound, she offers something different from what you’d typically hear on the radio. Her album Badlands was definitely worth the wait.

Wild Ones by Bahari

Slow songs always do it for me, love the calmness and soul about this one.

Little Bit by Sk8

I have this thing where I only know one or two songs here there and everywhere that an artist has done, lol. I guess you could call me a music-taste-tester idk. Little Bit is one of the only songs by Skate Maloley worth listening to.

Your Drums Your Love by AlunaGeorge

It’s so very rare to see a song and it’s music video compliment each other so well! The visuals of this are way cool.

Hanging On by Ellie Goulding ft Tinie Tempah

Did I come across this song eons after it was first released? Yes. Also 10 points if you remember which episode of Gossip Girl this featured in hahaha.

One of Them by G-Eazy ft Big Sean

This song gets me hyped. To do what? Idk hahaha. If I could copy the entire ‘When It’s Dark Out’ album here, I would. It’s just that good.

Everything Will Be Okay by G-Eazy ft Kehlani

Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics, my heeeaart </3

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