Have A Listen

It’s been a while since I did one of these! So I thought I’d bring back the good ol’ music-you-should-check-out list 🙂 hope you find something you like, and do share your own ’cause I’d love to discover something new. (Spoken from deep within the mainstream)

Lights Down Low by MAX ft Gnash

I feel like its been a while since I saw a music video that told an actual story, so I really appreciated this one, warmed my heart ❤  and the song’s a beaut too!

Starboy by The Weeknd ft Daft Punk

Looks like someone’s back! And it was definitely worth the wait. Yay for awesome collabs!

Atlantis by Bridgit Mendler ft Kaiydo

On that note, here’s another comeback that was so worth the wait. Its nice to see an artist evolve and try something new.

Run by Matthew Mole

If you live in South Africa then you’ve probably heard of this guy plenty of times and heard this on the radio even more. It’s a beautiful song, and his music always puts me in the calmest and happiest of moods.

Lets Not be Alone by R5

True to my inner Disney-crazed self, I had to share one of the dozens of R5 songs I’ve been binging lately. To be fair, these guys, and girl, are actually phenomenal on stage. Also, yay for mixed bands! I’d love to see more guy-girl music groups.

and another one!

Smile by R5

This video is so trippy, the entire thing was filmed to appear backwards?? Like what?? How?? So rad.

*DJ Khaled voice* Another one!

All Night by R5

i hate u, i love u by Gnash ft Olivia O’Brien

This one’s pretty old by now, but you know how behind on everything in life I am!

White Nights by Oh Land

I don’t think it should be a surprise that Teen Wolf is the place I first heard this lol. Its such a happy song! Makes me feel all giddy and bright inside ❤

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