Seattle Coffee.

It’s been a crazy/uncertain past 2 months here, with the whole university situation. However in spite of everything, life goes on. I won’t dwell on the topic because that’d be a whole other post of it’s own. All I will say is that there are inequalities/problems in our society that we can’t continue to ignore. Growing pains of a nation. Something has to give for us to grow.

With all the demands one is faced as a student (just a human being in general tbh), sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the week.

Seattle Coffee Company opened up a branch here in Walmer earlier on this year. As per usual I was a little late to the party 😂 so this was my first ever visit.

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After months of hearing about their ‘perfectly brewed’ coffee, my expectations were high 😂 I was definitely not disappointed! My sister and I walked over since we live right round the corner (oh the convenience of living in such close proximity with this darling little place!).

Since Starbucks is yet to make an appearance in P.E. you could definitely say that Seattle Coffee is our compensation. The chain first arrived in South Africa back in ‘96 (see? Only good things come out of my birth year hahaha).

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Seattle Coffee’s prices are so so so reasonable and affordable, rather generous I’d go as far as saying. My sister ordered a ‘Butterscotch Steamer’ (tastes like liquid candy 😭❤) while I had a hot chocolate. I was actually quite surprised at how good it was, the perfect measure of rich and chocolate-y.

It might sound a little pointless to go to a coffee place and not order actual coffee but I’m not a big fan of the drink in general (why so bitter????????).

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We were over at about 4 in the afternoon so we avoided the rush hour and got to enjoy the place mostly to ourselves. Great relief too, because the cafe is self-service and honestly the thought of carrying my drink over to my table from the counter in a crowded restaurant gives me anxiety.

Everyone working there is so so lovely and the atmosphere is great. Quiet, relaxed, rustic-hipster-minimalist decor and a cosy feel.

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