Have A Listen

Music, music, muusiiiiic! If there’s anything that gives me joy in life, its that there will always, always be new music to discover 🙂 and old songs to abusively repeat because they never get old ahaha, but you know what they say, old is gold!

Erase Me by Kid Cudi ft Kanye West

Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi

Funny thing is I came to find out that I’d heard some of his music before, I just hadn’t known who he was at the time! And what prompted me to re-discover his music, was this…

It didn’t click that this was Kid Cudi till later on ahaha. The video came up in my suggestions and I was curious because the video had over a million views, so obvs it had to be good right? He seems like such a great guy, such a great Ted Talk. His story is so inspiring.

Wild Things by Alessia Cara ft G-Eazy

Wherever there is G, you will find me! Hahaha. But all jokes aside, Alessia is amazing, and so is her music, never thought in a million years thought I’d be able to relate to a musician so much. She’s so real and raw and so honest and authentic and just unashamedly herself. No pretenses or following after what every other artist in the industry does, be it in the way she presents herself or what she chooses to write music about. You best believe that “I’ll be over here!”

Fucked Up World by The Pretty Reckless

This will forever and always be a favourite.

Winning In Life by Just A Band ft Owuor Arunga

Underrated bands include…

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