Have A Listen

Happy New Month!

Hope you are well! If not, then I hope this music’ll make you feel better 🙂

The Judge by 21 pilots

I love the feel-good vibe of this song ❤ also, could someone please buy me a banjo?? Pretty please?

Let Me In by Grouplove

Who’s watched The Fault In Our Stars?? *high fives all round*. This song is off the movie soundtrack, fits the feel of the video so so well. As different as the movie is from the book, I love them both for their own different reasons. If you’ve never read the book before, then I suggest that you do. So many truths and life lessons within the story (believe it or not it’s not some random romance novel.)

Mind by Skrillex & Diplo ft Kai

Do you ever have this song you can’t stop listening to ‘cause it’s so good but you just can’t put your finger on exactly why and how you possibly came to liking such a song? That’s me with Mind.

Do You Want It All by Two Door Cinema Club

This song has such happy, celebratory vibes and I love it :’) I’d kill to see Two Door Cinema Club perform this live 💫 (someone make my music concert dreams come true 😭)

Overnight by Jake Miller

Do you ever dismiss a song the first time you hear it then come back to it later and become completely OBSESSED? This, right here. I’d never even heard of Jake Miller before this song and honestly, I haven’t bothered to check out his other stuff. What prompted me to listen to it in the first place? CLICK. BAIT. Simone Biles (American gymnast, Olympic gold medalist) makes a special appearance. What I found a little sad was the backlash in the comments over her being a dark skinned black girl playing the love interest, or comments saying it was the first ever time they’ve seen a dark-skinned girl playing the love interest in a video. BRUH. This raises the whole other issue of the lack of representation of dark skinned people in the entertainment industry as a whole. Oh what I would’ve given to have had a Viola Davis or Lupita Nyong’o to look up to when I was little. I celebrate these women, I am so grateful to them being there to remind us that we don’t have to ascribe to the mainstream white-washed standards of beauty.

On that note, if Justin Bieber would like to follow suit, in Jake Miller’s footsteps, then I’ll be waiting for my call 😂 (kiddiiinngg, teehee)

Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Cleopatra makes me feel like heading out on a nice long road trip, smiling as the wind blows through my hair as the world passes me by. The Lumineers get it right every time.

DNA by Lia Marie Johnson

I never thought much of Lia till I saw this video, heard this song. I have such an enormous amount of respect for singers who are raw and open and vulnerable in their music. This is art. We need more of this, YouTube.

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