Have A Listen

Happy New Year (for real this time)!!!!

How did you spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day? I hope it was rad, and that the clean-slate magic hasn’t worn off yet.

My mom, sister and I spent it over at a family friends’ house where we got to see fireworks from their balcony!

So, I thought, why not start the year off on my blog on a high note? No pun intended. There is no greater gift than music. Here are some of my faves left over from 2016, looking forward to all the music I’ll discover this year, I can’t wait!!!!!!

Alexander Hamilton from the musical Hamilton

If you’ve never heard of Hamilton, then I’m so sorry that you have been living in a deep dark hole, fear not! Deliverance is heeree! Lol. If this doesn’t get you to listen to the rest of the Grammy-award winning soundtrack then I don’t know what will. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator, is the type of driven superhuman I hope to be someday.

Alarm by Ann-Marie

Cool Girl by Tove Lo

Forever in-love with this woman and the music she creates. She channels the kind of don’t-care-what-people-think attitude that I NEED, crave.

To The Wonder by Aqualung ft Kina Grannis

The Teen Wolf soundtrack giving me life as always. These two should collaborate again.

Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy

Finding music by accident is the best! It’s the most pleasant surprise, minus the anxiety of possibly never finding out who sang the song. I heard this while watching Ella Grace Denton’s Blogosphere behind-the-scenes cover shoot interview.

Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

Added to my list of artists I have endless respect for because of how they dare to be different and be themselves and channel their hardships directly into their music: Melanie Martinez.

Nobody Love by Tori Kelly

Again, Tori Kelly is SO UNDERRATED. She is arguably one of the greatest vocalists of our generation. Plus, how funky is this tune?

My Favourite Part by Mac Miller ft Ariana Grande

Slaying us with these smooth tunes yet again.

Absolutely Smitten by Dodie Clarke

IF HAPPINESS WAS A SOUND, IT WOULD BE THIS!! Oh how I love this girl and all that she does…

That’s all for now 🙂 till next time!


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