Friendly Stranger.

The name of this darling little place sounds like the title of a delightful children’s book! So hipster, right? Out of all the restaurants I’ve heard of or been to, the Friendly Stranger’s name is definitely way up there ☺ if you’re ever in Port Elizabeth, you can find The Friendly Stranger on Bridge Street, Upper Valley Road in South End! Such a prime location, and such a BEAUTIFUL view of the valley from the terrace as a result! Not convinced yet? Read on!


My mom, sister and I found ourselves there one sunny Sunday morning  (there’s just something about Sunday mornings, y’know?)
What’s so funny yet endearing about our visit, was how many friendly strangers we met while there, such lovely people, giving the name of the restaurant a whole new meaning without even knowing it!

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What’s super funny is our waitress telling us we’d have to wait quite a while for our food to be ready but in my opinion it was the standard waiting period which makes me wonder what their idea of normal waiting time must be, these people must serve their customers a lot quicker than most. Props to them for setting their own standard 👏
I ordered a veggie burger named the ‘Hulk’ and there honesty couldn’t have been a more fitting name for it because that thing was huge, I mean, HUUUGE! 😂 the patty was actually primarily made up of sweet potato and pumpkin which wasn’t exactly what I’d expected. I personally believe that chickpea or soy based patties work best but I guess its all down to personal preference! The food was incredibly fresh, so their food quality and standards are pretty high, big tick there! ✔
My attempts at taking decent flatlays – I’m getting there guys! Someday 😂

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I’d absolutely love to come back for an afternoon visit and sample their pastry selection next time round!
The really special thing about this place, is the hidden seating area downstairs!! 💫 like how cool is that??!! So much character this restaurant has. The furnishings and dim lighting gave me suuucchh Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes vibes guys! Idk 😂 and that couch I kid you not, was the comfiest couch I’ve ever sat on in my entire LIFE!
Here’s to more charming finds and secret spots! ☕☕☕☕

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