Taking Stock.

I don’t think anyone does these posts anymore, but I still find them so interesting, and fun to look back on ☺ So here’s another Taking Stock!

Making: Tonnes and tonnes of lists

Cooking: Nothing new.

Drinking: Not enough liquids to properly sustain a human being tbh.

Reading: On Beauty by Zadie Smith

Wanting: Summer break to come faster so that there’s more time to sleep, explore, go to the beach, read, blog, LIVE.

Looking: For more authentic accounts to follow on the ‘gram.

Playing: These tunes… Chateau by Angus & Julia Stone

Black Spider-Man by Logic 

Heavy by Linkin Park

Wasting: So. Much. Time.

Sewing: Nothing (for now, lol.)

Wishing: I could attend Rocking The Daisies this year because Two Door Cinema Club is performing *cries for the next 20 years*

Enjoying: R5 Book Sales. Wow. Just wow, every booklover’s dream.

Waiting: For the day I actually learn how to drive. #pray4me #whyisthissostressful

Liking: How Bocadillos has half priced pizza every Monday, yaaaaaassssssss.

Wondering: How the elections in Kenya is gonna turn out. Regardless, I’m still impressed by the Supreme Court’s decision to nullify the previous election results due to irregularities.

Loving: The Moments I’m Missing by Nina Nesbitt

Hoping: To start an interview segment on this blog someday! I love to hear people’s stories, and there is so so much to be learned and gained from other people’s experiences. ✨♥

Marvelling: At how many gorgeous travel spots are around here in the Eastern Cape! 🍃

Needing: Tickets to see The Vamps in Cape Town next year omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Wearing: Less layers because sprrrriiingggg has sprung, and summer is on its way 🎉🎉🎉

Following: Johanna , Nirrimi Joy , The Messy Heads , and every single one of Zoella’s vlogs #foreverobsessed

Noticing: How much I’m on my phone or ab(using) social media and trying to cut down and be more mindful of how I use it, and more present in my everyday life.

Knowing: But not graspingthe full understandingof how precioustime is.

Thinking: About all the amazing humans I’ve gotten the chance to meet this year through being a Sunday School and Youth leader at Harvest.

Feeling: Appreciative of kind people. Kindness never ever goes unnoticed. It might not seem like much at the time but what an impact it makes on the people around you.

Bookmarking: The Messy Heads , Sea Foaming , The Mighty , To Write Love On Her Arms

Opening: My eyes to the fact that life’s what you make it.

Smelling: A renewed freshness in the air because spring has sprung 🌹

Giggling: At this Teen Vogue interview of the cast of ‘It’. Whoever edited this did a perfect job (lol those sound effects thooough)! I’ve watched this interview at least 4 times and now I’m almost obsessed enough with them to actually want to watch that demonic mess of a movie. Almost.

And this….”I’m a beautiful girl” 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

If you have any blog/music/books/video suggestions, leave them down below 🙂 Till next time!



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