Let’s talk about mental health.

I’ve known for a while now that today was World Mental Health Day. What I didn’t know was whether or not I wanted to write about it because I didn’t really know from what angle I was gonna talk about it from. So bear with me if this post feels like a long, winding, bendy, crooked path to nowhere.

Today is World Mental Health Day! Which is every year on October 10th (so put it on your calendar).

In case you haven’t heard it today, always know, and never ever forget that YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH, if not, more.

I can’t understand how there can even be a debate about this because, your brain controls the rest of your body, it literally controls everything, your brain is one of your organs the same way your heart and lungs and arms and legs are. Therefore, it needs to be cared for.

And this is not a practice reserved for those living with mental illnesses/disorders, it is something we all need to do.

I started going for therapy for the first time this year, and I can’t tell you enough how beneficial it has been to learn how to open up more, to vent, and to work towards ending what has been an endless cycle of burying my feelings and problems till they were burying me. Therapy is not meant to fix people, but it does offer a great deal of help. I don’t know where I’d be without my family, and my faith (Christianity) and now therapy. Depressive episodes come and go, but they don’t have to be the sole narrative of the story;

I heard a quote from a Selena Gomez interview that therapy is like holding up a mirror to yourself and to your life and it is so true. Sometimes we need to bring everything we have been hiding to light if we hope to live a more wholesome and a more honest life, to get better. Sure the process is not easy, but it is worth every bit.

There is such a huge stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness which is such a shame because there is freedom in breaking the silence, and it is only by speaking up about it that those who are struggling find the help that they need, and use their voice to help all those in the same place to feel less alone.

If we could be immune to bad days or sadness, or health issues or illnesses, that’d be great, but we aren’t, and it’s important to know where to go, who to talk to and what to do when those times come. Talk to your Mom, or Dad, or brother or sister, or friend, or a teacher you trust, or student counselor, or therapist, or church pastor or leader, or even call a hotline or an online chat-room, the point is, there are people that are ready and waiting to help in the times that you need it no matter how alone you may feel.

I hope that one day, we can talk about our low days just as casually as we talk about the days we’re having a cold, that mental health services and resources are more affordabele and easily accessible to all, and that the wall of stigma is broken down to let all the people we are shutting out, alienating from the rest, in.

Hope you’re having a Happy Mental Health Day! ❤ Draw a hot bath, go for a walk, call a friend, if need be, make an appointment with your doctor – take care of yourself and the people around you.

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