YouTube videos everyone needs to watch.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m the biggest YouTube enthusiast ever. I mean, how cool is it that we have access to such a wide variety of content for free, for free, people!

There’s a lot of talk about the platform dying, but if you ask me, it’ll live on longer than any of us ever will.

I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite videos/short films/music videos I’ve found on YouTube that everyone just has to watch (like, right now).

Fed Up

If you ever choose to watch one, and only one food/health documentary in your lifetime, please, please, please let it be this one. This 2014 documentary basically explores the way in which the processed food industry is poisoning Americans, and the world as a whole. Such. An. Eye-opener.


Freedom-International Day of the Girl

No words needed.


Looking back; Home.

I can’t remember how I first happened upon Josie Gailey’s videos (Instagram maybe?) but I’m so glad that I did. You should check out a lot of her older stuff, they’re quite unlike the typical YouTube video, it’s as if creativity flows through her veins.


Casey Neistat truly is one of a kind, if you’re yet to watch one of this American YouTube personality/vlogger/filmmaker’s videos, then these 4 are an absolute must see:

Life Explained in 27 Seconds


Follow Your Dreams

Do what you can’t

Make it count


Aquilo – The Story of Silhouettes

This British duo is sooo underrated, their music is art, and so is this short film about the process of creating their album, Silhouette, and how they came together as musicians.


MØ – My Home Town

I really do adore videos that explore the origins and inspirations of musicians. This is another beauty, featuring singer MØ (the girl who featured on Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ in case you thought you’d never heard of her).


I’m not curvy, I’m fat – Olivia Campbell

I can’t tell you how many of Style Like U’s videos I have watched. This one’s a game-changer. The ‘What’s Underneath’ project by Style Like U founders, mother and daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, invites strangers to explore what’s underneath personal style, and promote self-acceptance through these candid interviews.


Aurora – Nothing Is Eternal

This short documentary takes you through the life and thoughts of arguably the most magical human being to walk the earth – Norwegian singer Aurora. This video is stunning, and will lift up any soul.


Demi Lovato – Simply Complicated

Lovatic, or not, this documentary documenting musician/actress Demi Lovato’s battle against addiction, self harm, eating disorders, and living with bipolar disorder while in the spotlight is a must-see for everyone and will have you hooked from start to finish.


J.K. Rowling – A Year In The Life

Potterheads unite!!!!!!! Any clip whatsoever that gives me more info about Jo is one that needs to be watched asap, no questions asked.


Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly

This tour recap video will take your breath away.


R5 – Smile

Before you roll your eyes at this Disney-endorsed band, listen to their music. You’ll want to watch this video in particular, the entire thing is filmed backwards.


Bruno Mars – Superbowl performance

As if my respect for this man as an artist couldn’t grow any larger, it tripled after seeing this performance. Bruno Mars, are you even real?


On The Road With First Aid Kit

Love. This. Band. And I am obsessed with everything Australian photographer, Nirrimi Firebrace, does. Put those 2 together and you’ve got this little masterpiece. I’d kill to get to travel the world touring as a musician. I’m glad videos like this let me live that impossible dream.


Screen Tests – Kit Harington

I spend an awful amount of time watching interviews. I love to hear people tell their stories and talk about themselves in a question and answer format. It seems intimate, and it’s straight to the point. And I’m talking a good interview. I barely know even half of the personalities W magazine interviews but I watch almost every single one of these videos regardless because they’re that good. The choice to film in black and white draws in more of the focus to what the interviewee is actually saying, if you ask me.


Following Heart – The Artist

When I first heard about British YouTuber twins Jack and Finn, I thought they were just another pair of pretty faces on the internet with zero substance, purely famous for nothing more than their british accents and conventional good looks. My view took a total 180 when I actually started watching Jacksgap’s content. It’s amazing how much of a difference you can make, and how much you can learn through short films. This is what using your voice and your platform for something meaningful, looks like.


Perception – A short film made in 48 hours

Speaking of short films, here’s another one you must give a watch. I’ve been watching Mikey Murphy for a while now and he continues to amaze through his filmmaking prowess. This content makes me want to be a director/producer/screenwriter/cinematographer someday.


Mahogany sessions

You just have to watch one of these and see. You can find their channel here, and below is one of my favourites, reposted by Interscope Records featuring Billie Eilish. Wowowow.

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