Merry, Merry Christmas!!


Especially my fellow Christians *insert ‘Go Jesus, it’s your birthday meme* lol. ❤ 

I wait all year for December to arrive. All year. It is undeniably the best month of the year, especially if you live here in the Southern hemisphere because it marks the official arrival of summer.

It’s like all year, all these fun plans and get-togethers just gather up in a dam that breaks when December arrives. The world seems so much more alive, and joyful during Christmas and I love it love it love it. A LOT has happened this month! So I’m gonna try my best to remember and recap a few things.

I write this Christmas post every year just because so much happens during this time alone, and I wouldn’t want to miss recording any memories.

Our church did its annual ‘Operation shoe-box’ charity where we all filled up boxes with lists in them for kids in need. We got a box and list for a 3-6 year old boy and I wanted to buy everythiiinnnngg (Lord help me if I ever have kids of my own). It’s easy to forget that not everyone is lucky enough to have a family or loved ones or extra money to enjoy Christmas with and it’s just so important that we look out for each other. Joy shared is joy multiplied.

This year Gloria and I will be watching ‘Home Alone”. If you know of any cool movies you love to watch during Christmas time, please, please let me know in the comments!

We had our end of year Christmas party for Youth at my church

Our Youth pastors also hosted all us Youth leaders at their home for a Christmas dinner. I had the best time ever! Like, I didn’t even remember to take any pictures! That’s how caught up in it all we were. It was the first proper Christmas dinner I’ve ever been to, we ate, played party games, exchanged gifts because we did the whole secret Santa thing too – it was the best time. It’s so nice to come together in an intimate setting and get the time to actually talk and have a good time outside church and outside performing our youth leader duties.

My Mom invited me as her date again for her annual E-Round table dinner at The St George’s Club in Bird Street. It’s rare to get the chance to dress up for a proper dinner and I felt like an actual PRINCESS in this gown that my Mom found literally the day of the event.

My friend Gift and I attended a Starlit dinner hosted by Heritage Cafe. The live music was such perfection. The pizza I had however was not! But you win some you lose some, I did appreciate the location and the concept. And the most important thing about going out anyway is who you’re with!

Of course December isn’t December without at least one trip to the Boardwalk (you have to try the mini donuts from Mini Orbits omgggg).

The live performer was playing on a platform right out in the water!

We went for our first Baakens Valley Food-truck Friday! I swear the whole of PE was there, but with good reason! The ambiance was amazing and there was so so much FOOD to choose from. It’s literally so perfect for any occasion, with friends, family, on a date, I’d highly recommend it. I only got a picture inside for all those wondering where the actual foodtrucks are lol.

A spontaneous coffee date with my sister Gloria and friend Rebecca at Angelos Walmer ❤

We took a trip to the harbour, and with the brilliant weather it was all so STUNNING! Wasn’t too thrilled with how everything, from the boats and the walkways, were bobbing up and down with my motion sickness but I’m still so glad we went. 🌊

What have you been up to this Christmas? I’d love to know!

I’m gonna end of this post with a few Christmas tunes 😉 (The cheesiest of all of course!)

Merry Christmas and God bless!


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