The Road-trip Diaries: Tsitsikamma

About a week or two ago, my Mom, sister and I took a little road-trip to Tsitsikamma! I thought I’d share some pictures to hopefully convince you to visit if you’ve never been! It really is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and what I’d give for everyone to get a chance to see and experience it! I really do hope to come back someday, though I fear I may never leave!

Is this not the most BEAUTIFUL magazine cover you’ve ever seeeeennn???!!!! Ah!

2017-12-25 12.21.14 1.jpg

Our first stop, honestly the most insane bridge you’ll ever cross, Bloukrans! Every time cars and trucks would whiz by, the floor would shake!

Hoping to God that I didn’t drop my phone…I mean, look how high up we are!!!!!!!! Has anyone ever survived a fall? Genuine questions….

Our next stop was the Tsitsikamma Village Inn. This wins as the most beauuuutiful arch walkway I have ever seen! Literal fairy garden vibes! I die (of giddiness)! Also shout-out to the random kid in the shots, there were a lot of visitors coming in and out (it’s peak season) so we’ll allow it, lol.

2017-12-25 12.41.04 1.jpg

2017-12-25 12.41.06 1.jpg

Brought along an old copy of David Copperfield I got at a five rand book-sale (books for FIVE rand! Wild, right?) which I didn’t end up reading because there was just so much to see and do!

2017-12-25 12.41.13 1.jpg

We found a diner!!!! Like how crazy is that? An actual diner, in the middle of a holiday village. It’s called Marilyn’s 60’s Diner. And now, the cars…

Okay, but how OUTRAGEOUS is this sign?! Bahahahahaha

Gloria’s attempt at giving me her best Elvis face, and yes we can’t keep a straight face around each other!

I want a little cottage here SO BAD! Who’s gonna make it happen? (Rich husband where aaare yooouuu??)

2017-12-25 12.45.17 1.jpg2017-12-25 12.45.16 1.jpg

We had enough time to even visit the Tsitsikamma National Park! Literally so insane that such a place even exists.

I mean, you could easily film a box-office movie here…

And the quest for the suspension bridge began!

The final staircase after a kilometer of winding walkways, as steep as steep could possibly be…

Finally spotting the suspension bridge…

The humidity was unreeeeaaaal, if I didn’t take off my sweater I was gonna drop dead

Still so ecstatic though

2017-12-25 12.54.55 1.jpg2017-12-25 12.54.18 1.jpg

And away we go…

I can’t wait for new adventures this year! What are your favourite vacation spots? Let me know so I can fawn over pictures online!

Till next time!


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