Vovo Telo.

This is the actual definition of “better late than never”, a throwback post if you will, but I just had to write about this cute little place! Like it was too good not to write about so here I am over a month later…

I turned 21 in December, and my Mom, sister, friend Gift and I celebrated at Vovo Telo! A quaint little cafe in Richmond Hill.

I’d never been before, but always heard so much about it! I’m so glad we went!

They’ve got the cutest homely garden outdoor seating area and equally beautiful interior. Vovo Telo is quite a popular restaurant so I’d suggest going early, or making a reservation!

We all took foreverrr to order, lol, so I really do appreciate just how patient our waitress was and how willing she was to describe all the different meals on the menu to us.

I had a savory breakfast waffle, which I’ve never ever had before! I always associate waffles with sweet desserts exclusively and not an actual meal. What I actually ordered was meant to come with avocado but I deeply dislike avo, so the waitress asked if I liked mushrooms, which I really really do, so I had that instead! And I had my eggs fried instead of poached.

Restaurants that are willing to chop and change dishes to accommodate the preferences of their customers are real winners in my book!

The food was AMAAAZING, worth every cent!

2018-02-14 09.39.42 1.jpg

I hope we’ll be back soon to explore the rest of their menu! Based off of such a great first visit, I know Vovo Telo won’t disappoint.

2 thoughts on “Vovo Telo.

  1. Ahh yay you posted about your birthday breakfast!! Such a quality throwback! And lovely writing and pictures, as always.


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