The Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2018

Helloooo beautiful people! 😊

Hope you’re having an amazing holiday if you’ve got a holiday, and that the winter weather isn’t treating you too harshly if you live here in the Southern Hemisphere!

Last weekend, my Mom, sister and I took a little road-trip to Grahamstown for the annual National Arts Festival 2018!

The festival takes place during the June/July period every year and it’s origins date all the way back to 1974!

All sorts of amazing shows take place throughout the 11 day festival, from art and photography exhibitions to plays and dance recitals, both paid and unpaid events! So there’s literally something for EVERYBODY, catering to whatever your financial range might be too!

2018-07-03 07.33.11 1.jpg

We checked out a few art art exhibitions…

The following pieces are by the artist Akissi Beukman, Oil on canvas.

The following sculptures are by Viwe Madinda, made using plaster, fabric and wood.

It’s incredible to think about all the time and thought that went into creating these pieces, and that the artists behind these pieces who took out the time to sit and to create something so special, chose to share their art with the rest of us, it’s amazing.

We took a walk around town. Grahamstown is so stunning! I love how they’ve still managed to maintain some of it’s olden day charm…

We paid a visit to The Albany Museum, South Africa’s second oldest museum, for the first time ever! Entry was free!

The Albany Museum, and Grahamstown as a whole, is every history lover’s dream. No pictures were allowed in the museum which I was so sad about but then again the museum really is something every single person needs to see for themselves in person. And there was tonnes to see!

From old uniforms, dresses, boots, sequined shoes, extendable glasses, pipes, intricately carved pianos, household ornaments including the most ornate candelabra anyone will ever see in their lives, to even old handwritten letters (where were all the love letters at tho? Lol)!

The Albany museum also houses the most gorgeous oil paintings; there was a stunning painting depicting the arrival of the 1820 settlers to the Cape of Good Hope, and another oil painting that was the literal size of an entire wall! It was the biggest painting I’ve ever seen in my life! I can’t imagine how long it took to make.

This is a must-visit for anyone who’s ever in the Eastern Cape!

Then it was back to Somerset street for lunch!

We tried a new restaurant called Major Fraser’s! The place was packed, and buzzing with people, but we still got a table and were treated so so well by our uber friendly waiter!

The menu isn’t very extensive (only one page-long) but they still had 2 vegetarian options which is more than a lot of restaurants can say! And besides, the most important thing you need to have on any menu in my opinion is pizza and hot chocolate! As long as that’s there I’m as happy as anyone could possibly be!

I ordered the Uber hot chocolate and it did not disappoint! I love deconstructed drinks because they’re always so much fun to put together! It was so fun to stir in my chunk of dark chocolate and watch it melt and dissolve.

I had the margarita pizza while my sister went for the caramelized onion and avocado alternative while my Mom went for a chicken-bell pepper mix for her pizza.  

The food was amazing!

Major Fraser’s has such a relaxed vibe, and this speaks through the choice of decor, I loved the unique touch the swings and bean bag chairs gave, and that no one, young or old, shied away from using them (including us, lol)!

We were only in Grahamstown for a couple of hours but we still managed to have such a great time! Here’s to the hope that we get to experience even more of what the festival offers in the years to come! ✨

2018-07-03 07.39.04 1.jpg

If you’re around town, it’s not too late to pay a visit! The festival end on Monday, July 8th!

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