Jack’s Bagels

Once again, Walmer has proved that when it comes to restaurants, it doesn’t disappoint!
Last week, my sister, our friend Gift and I had a much needed catch up after finally being freeee from school and all other engagements that had been keeping us apart.
With so many new restaurants popping up we were really spoilt for choice on where to go, but in the end, taking into account ease of accessibility and affordability of menu prices, we settled on a place neither of us had ever been to but heard a bit about: Jack’s Bagels!

Jack’s Bagels is a bakery, coffee shop and juice bar that sits within Bloomingdales – already a big tick there for location!
The cafe is bigger than I’d imagined and I’m in love with how they’ve maximized on and used the space!

It’s got open airy spaces, and the most beautiful boho-minimalist interior design.

It’s warm (hellooo fireplace!! Perfect for winter, early mornings, rainy days or cuddling up with bae – for those who have one, lol) and welcoming – just right for families and smaller dates too!

There was a wide array of people there, young and old.

The people who work at Jack’s Bagels were so so amazing!

They treated us so kindly and made us feel so welcome (even though we were talking and laughing like psychos), and even encouraging us to stay as long as we liked! Which was so appreciated because we never have enough time to get the chance to spend time together.

The most perfect cup of hot chocolate I’ve had in a whiiiillee…

Now let’s get to the important part, the food!
First off I want you to know that this was my first time (that I can remember anyway) having a bagel! I feel like I’ve always been pretty skeptical of them.

What is it? Bread? What’s the point of them? Why have a bagel when there’s bread? In my mind they seemed to me like the boring cousins of doughnuts.
But lemme tell you I was wrooooong! I couldn’t have been more wrong. I can safely say that I’ve been converted to the status of a pro bagel advocate 😂
Jack’s Bagels has soooo many options!! Who knew there could be so much variety with bagels?

We’re talking cheese and onion bagels, poppy seed bagels, sesame seed bagels, chocolate chip bagels-and that’s not even the whole menu!
My sister and I opted for the veggie bagel (roasted veggies, hummus and creamy mushrooms as an add-on), while Gift had the cream cheese and avo bagel.

It was so SO GOOD! Also fun fact, our bagels were vegan! Partyyy time for all us vegetarians and all you vegans out there! There are people who actually do care about us 😭

I was so scared I wouldn’t like the hummus because I’ve never had hummus before, and I am nooooot easily convinced to try new things, but I actually liked it! Tastes like pureed chickpeas for all those who are curious.

As if our visit couldn’t get any better, our waitress came over and gave us all free chocolate chip bagels “on the house”!!!!!!!!! Guys, WHAT?! Our souls are yours, lol.

And I’d been so saaad about having to choose one bagel over the other, but I then ended up leaving with a second that I’d really, really wanted (chocolate is the love. Of. My. Life.)!
It’s safe to say that we’ll be back! Tbh I’d live there if I could.

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