Surfers, sunsets and so many options…

Helloooo beautiful people! 😊🌻
Hope you’ve had a lovely week! Just thought I’d drop by and share a post about our little trip to J-Bay!

During the last week of our winter break, my Mom, sister and I took another spontaneous trip to a town nearby called Jeffrey’s Bay!

J-Bay is only 55 minutes worth of driving, away from PE so it’s easy to make it there and back within a day’s time and not have to worry about sleeping over or paying for accommodation somewhere. It was only 2 days before that I’d found out about the ongoing Corona Open!

The June/July period is one of the busiest times of year for J-Bay, a surfing hotspot which is world renowned for its waves. Every year the little beach town hosts surfers from around the globe (Australia, Brazil, The USA etc) who compete at The Corona Open, an event run by the World Surf League, and part of the Men’s and Women’s Championship tour circuit that sees athletes compete in contests around the world. 

So it’s pretty cool that South Africa – J-Bay and Ballito – gets to join in on the fun too! I found an article on the World Surf League site proclaiming that female surfers would be returning to compete in The Women’s Corona Open J-Bay for the first time in almost 20 years! That alone was enough to spark my interest! 

I was beyond excited for us to get the chance to watch the women compete! After all, it’s so important to support female athletes just as much as we support their male counterparts.
What I soon came to learn however, is that sports, especially surfing, is quite susceptible to weather patterns and the unpredictability of nature. The women’s heats were called off for the weekend, part of which was the day we’d planned to drive out. 

That’s another thing about travelling! You make all these plans, but things don’t always go the way you pictured and you need to be ready to accept the unpredictability of it and not let it rain on your parade!
As much of a bummer it was, J-Bay had sooo much more to offer aside from the contest (hint: FOOD). 😂 

I did a tonne of Googling and Instagram location tag stalking to try scope out the best restaurants in the area (I love the internet)!
Lemme tell you, Google maps is a lifesaveeeerr when it comes to navigating your way around places you barely know! 

We settled on a restaurant called Nina’s Real Food! 

Nina’s has the absolute CUTEST restaurant entrance, with the most beautiful little vertical garden and wood paneling, it just screams boho/hipster.

The interior was just as cute as well! The suspended surfboards are the greatest touch of all.

The restaurant is the perfect representation of the rest of the town: Relaxed, beachy and inviting.

I was surprised they didn’t bother with coffee art for my Mom’s cappuccino, I feel like that’s half the fun of ordering coffee! ☕

Our waitress was so sweet and bubbly! She really did make us feel so well looked after.
I couldn’t believe my eeeyes when she handed us the menus – they were HUGE!

Pages and pages and pages of food and drink options! Never before in myentire life have I seen so many vegan and vegetarian options!! It was beyond exciting to have so much choice! Usually restaurants have one or two vegetarian options if we’re lucky, so to see that many options was an actual dream.

We kept joking we’d have to visit the restaurant again several times in future if we hoped to try it all! Everything just looked and sounded amazing.

Nina’s was pretty packed that day, so our food took over an hour to arrive while another waitress brought the wrong food to our table 3 times and argued that what was obviously not my meal was what I’d ordered.
But it was all sorted in the end! 

I was a little skeptical of how paper thin my roti was (correct me if I’m wrong if you know what a proper roti is supposed to look like?) But otherwise the food was amaaazing! We got a taste of my sister’s food too and it was so so good!

In the end we really did enjoy our visit! I’ve been looking over the menu almost everyday trying to decide what I’d order if we ever went back again! Lol. Wishful thinking. 

We headed to the beach, Supertubes, where all the action was happening afterwards!
Although it was a lay day, the beach was buzziiing with activity! The surrounding surf village was full of vendors and stalls and music! And at the beach itself, people were hanging out, watching the surfers and just having a good time.

We sat at the boardwalk overlooking the beach and the view was amazing! The ocean seemed to go on for miles and miles!

There’s something so soothing about watching people catch waves.

We went down to the water’s edge and got to catch the sunset before leaving.

A lot of the athletes were on the beachfront too! And Filipe Toledo, the Men’s championship winner drove in as we were leaving *cries* lol.

The drive out of J-Bay was the perfect end to our trip! We passed under Van Staden’s bridge and tree lined streets…it was the most unbelievable sunset drive. 

So that was our final road trip! Literally counting down the days till next year’s Winter Fest. 😂 I’ve since become so outrageously obsessed with surfing since then, and when I go through phases (I have soooo many of them 😂) they’re all consuming 😂

If you’re into surfing, who are your favourite surfers?? So far I’m currently interested in John John Florence, Filipe Toledo, Conner Coffin, Jack Freestone, Jordy Smith (our very own South African!), Griffin Colapinto, Stephanie Gilmore, Coco Ho and Barron Mamiya (an 18 year old up and comer who’s definitely one to watch)!

I’m really hoping to get the chance to see some those athletes next year, now that I actually know who they are and can appreciate the art of the sport better 😂

That’s all for this post, till next time!

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