Breakfast at Brioche.

We had the pleasure of having breakfast at Brioche Food and Coffee one cold, but bright winter morning a couple weeks ago!

My Mom’s already been a few times but this was my sister Gloria and I’s first visit.

I’d seen their promos for R10 coffee before 8am, and mosbolletjies for R5 a piece doing the rounds on Instagram and I was way, way excited! From what I’d seen stalking their social media pages for some time, and driving past their restaurant it really did seem like the cutest little restaurant, with it’s beautiful ivy covered, signature red and white striped walls.

There’s not much that can get most people out of bed on a cold Saturday morning (with good reason, I mean, hellooo classic sleeping-in weather!), but Brioche was all the reason we needed. Guys, we were the first customers there that day! Can you beat that level of dedication?? I don’t think so 😂

Brioche is the most darling, cute little cottage-looking restaurant I’ve ever seen, and they have the most beautiful surrounding garden view! The cosy seats and the burning fire did wonders to banish away the cold and make us feel at home straightaway.

If you’re like me, you read up on restaurant menus online and look at all the food pictures long before you actually visit the restaurant itself. But even then, you don’t really know what a certain food item will be like till you actually try it. I was a tad bit worried that the food portions would be a lot smaller than I’d hoped for, and I’d never ever tried mosbolletjies (a traditional Afrikaans bread) before so I wondered what it’d taste like (I’m the least adventurous person I know when it comes to taste and food).

But let’s be real, bread is soooo so great. I’m a huuuuge  fan of bread, a lover of aaall types of bread (we’re talking ciabatta, brown bread, low GI, seeded loaf, rolls, baguettes, the bread they give you at restaurants as a starter – you name it!), so considering mosbolletjies is a type of bread, there’s nothing that could be too surprising or disappointing about it.

I adored the bright blue plates and navy mugs! And COOLEST OF ALL, they actually did foam art for my hot chocolate!! 😭 I’m not a coffee drinker, so I always feel so saaaad and left out when my drink comes without any foam art on it, lol.

I don’t get how most  restaurants just never have any consideration for us non-coffee drinkers who appreciate the aesthetics of our drinks too! 😭 So already, Brioche got a big tick in my book there!

And now (drum roll), for the food!! The mosbolletjies!!

The actual size of the pieces of bread were pretty generous, especially considering the price! And it was amaaaazing, UH-MAAAZINGG! Not to be over-dramatic, but it was quite possible the best bread I’ve ever tasted in my life 😭 It was super super soft and light but also dense enough to make you full, with the hint of a sweet taste. It was so nice and WARM too, the generous amounts of butter accompanying it melted as soon as it touched the bread.

All in all, it was a delightful visit and I’m so, so looking forward to our return (their brownies look super good, has anybody them?)!

What’s your favorite type of bread?? Let me know in the comments below!

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