Hellooo beautiful people! 🌻

Hope you’re all having an amazing December! I still can’t believe that we’re actually in the last month of the year already!!

I love the end-of-year holidays because they always bring an ample amount of adventures and festivities along with it!

Last week, we took a little road trip to Bathurst! A small town here in the Eastern Cape about 12 km from Port Alfred. This marks our 3rd visit! And there’s just so, so much to see and do here that no possible amount of visits could ever exhaust it all! It proves that you can’t judge the amount of fun you can have in a place by its size!

The Big Pineapple

Our first stop, The Big Pineapple! Now, Bathurst is known for being quaint, quirky and eclectic! If you’re looking for a place that’s different, and out of the norm, this is where you come!

The Big Pineapple definitely sits pretty high on the list of things you’ll find in Bathurst that are unusual and that you most definitely wouldn’t find anywhere else.

A visit to the Big Pineapple is an absolute must! I mean, if you didn’t get a picture with the pineapple, then did you even go to Bathurst?? Nope.

This iconic landmark also happens to be the biggest man-made pineapple in the WORLD!

The Village Bistro

There are many interesting places to choose from to grab a bite to eat when you’re in town, but I would highly, highly recommend The Village Bistro!

The view of the grounds from the surrounding windows was amazing…

This beautiful, beautiful restaurant is pretty hard to beat. It perfectly encompasses the homely, artistic, quaint feel of Bathurst as a whole.

The decor is to die for, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many interesting things within a single place at once in my life!

I loved how bright and colourful it all was, and all the beautiful artwork and photographs on display. I commend whoever put it all together so skillfully.

The place-mats resembled old vinyl records! And even the tableware were objects that were brilliantly up-cycled! Like the serviette holder adorned with old bottle caps, or the old Lucky Star tin used to hold our utensils!

What’s also super fun about eating here, is that you get to choose from a list of well-known artists that corresponds with where you’ll sit! We went with Klimt, who I didn’t know about till interviewing Luke! 😂 My sister Gloria’s an art student so she’s a lot more cultured than me lol (I’m trying, I’m learning).

We were in town on a day that there was no electricity at the time of our visit (load-shedding has been the bane of our existence over the past month) but they were fully prepared with gas cookers and we still managed to enjoy our lunch there! PE could really learn a thing or two about being prepared during power outages!

Everyone in Bathurst is so warm and friendly! And our waitress, Cornelia Beer, was so much fun to talk to and so kind and upbeat! She just so happens to be a musician and an artist as well!

Cornelia suggested that we try their Jaffles (think waffles, but with a ‘j’)! A circular grilled sandwich-like food. My sister and I’’s jaffles were made with a cheese and mushroom filling, and it was beyonddd amazing!! Honestly SO WORTH driving out of town for!! They were pretty generous with the filling too! Not bad at all for under 50 rand!

Neighbouring The Village Bistro is an old vinyl records store, antique shop and bookstore as well, so you could literally spend an entire day here and not feel an ounce of boredom, and there are so many old treasures to admire or buy to take home with you.

Any Dolly Parton or Cher fans out there?! I’ll never forget how hilarious Dolly Parton was whenever she made cameos on Hannah Montana, and seeing the Cher record made me think of Mamma Mia 2 which Gloria and I watched recently!

I’d actually die if someone bought me an old typewriter, they’re just so beauuuutiful!!

I found this so interesting! This is a whole wall full of all the old bookmarks found inside the second-hand books on sale! See if you can spot the Pirates of The Caribbean bookmark…

Driving through Bathurst, you’ll actually notice that there are quite a number of bookstores and art stores and little galleries to check out!

Two Sages Health and Gift Shop

Next on our stop was The Two Sages Health and Gift Shop! This pretty little store smelled sooo divine when we went! Incense works wonders.

The lady at the counter was so lovely and welcoming too! If you wanna buy stunning fabrics, gorgeous clothes, incense sticks, crystals or any other wellness goods while you’re in the area, please give this place a visit! You’ll looovee it ✨

Found a friendly little furry friend!

We all bought cute little precious stones, five rand a piece! I got a rose quartz! According to the little info card below it, it’s a stone of the heart, and a crystal of unconditional love that carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace.

The Historic Pig and Whistle Inn

Last but certainly not least! Another absolute must visit when you’re in Bathurst is The Historic Pig and Whistle Inn! We pay a visit every time we’re in town.

Bathurst is so rich in history, so there are quite a number of points of interest like this one to look out for!

The Pig and Whistle was established way back in 1832!! It’s believed to be the oldest continuously operating pub in whole of South Africa!

The warm brown tones of the decor are so reminiscent of the past life of the town which it first existed within!

The Historic Pig and Whistle is also known for being the perfect lunch spot!

The prettiest minimalist and modern bathroom decor I ever did see!

I really hope you enjoyed this little post about Bathurst! It truly is a magical, magical place that I hope everyone gets the chance to visit at least once in their lives!

Add it to your travel list! You won’t regret it!

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