Hidden Gems: Colleen Glen.

Colleen Glen is without a doubt one of the most picturesque areas in all of Port Elizabeth. With it’s lush green landscapes that stretch out as far as the eye can see, it’s easy to see why it’s residents choose to call this hidden gem home. (Who wants to offer up one of their properties? I’d be love to move in 😂 Or convert it into a farm-style coffee shop/bookstore)

Thunzi Bush Lodge

We spent a morning following a dog walking trail within the Thunzi Bush Lodge grounds that turned into a mini hike!

The grounds surrounding Thunzi Lodge are out of something from a movie!

The trails are open to the public, so if you’ve got one, bring your dog along! And if you’re like us and don’t have one, then you can just follow along and pet everyone else’s dogs while enjoying the view 😂 If you can afford it, an overnight stay would be marvelous I’m sure!

I personally feel like wooded areas like this look the most beautiful when it’s overcast, and the weather isn’t too outrageously hot.

Elephant Walk Restaurant & Country Pub

This is by far one of the most beautiful restaurants in PE. If you’re into rustic, farm-style eatery vibes, then this truly is the place for you! There’s this overarching homely, personal cottage, farm estate feel to Elephant Walk that sets it apart from most other places. Maybe it’s the simple exposed brick and wood framed window panes that give it that extra special touch. And you can never go wrong with a fireplace!

There are a lot of little furry visitors, cats and dogs, that pop in and out to say hello! #furbabies

They’ve got a farm-stall style shop too! Their seeded loaf is a must-try #love

All my fellow vegetarians will be happy to know that they do indeed have meat-free alternatives! Talk about your money’s worth! Such hearty portions.

The quirky garden is definitely worth a walk-trough!

Harvest Church

One of Harvest church’s satellite campuses is Harvest Colleen Glen and sits on the most beautiful, lake-side property.

Pop in for a Sunday service! Or Carols by Starlight hosted every year on the banks!

That marks the end of this little spotlight on Colleen Glen! If you know more about cool things to do in that area, let me know! I’m sure there’s even more to discover and share with everyone 💫

4 thoughts on “Hidden Gems: Colleen Glen.

  1. Just gave this a read and I loved it! Your photography looks STUNNING, as always- especially the landscapes 😱 And I like how you adapted your writing style to sound all tour-guide-y, but still sound like you 👌🙌❤ go gyaaal

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’d love it! It really is the most magical place ever!! ✨❤ Thanks so much for commenting! So, so rad that now I’ve found another PE blogger too! 🌻 I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts! I love seeing homegrown creators ❤


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