Holiday Coffee Company.

I love new places, and it feels as if a new restaurant pops up every other day here in Walmer, Port Elizabeth! I don’t think I can keep up at this point, lol. But being spoilt with so much choice is a pretty good problem to have (I think)!

Yesterday, my sister, Gloria, and I met at the fairly new spot, Holiday Coffee Company, with a good friend of ours, Rebecca, for a catch-up!

I’d been seeing a whole lot of buzz about Holiday Coffee on social media, and so of course the first question would be ‘Will it live up to the hype?’’

Spoiler alert: It really, really did.

I absolutely loved the minimalistic interiors and predominantly blue, pastel colours that made up the overall colour palette. The cafe is made up of such bright open, airy spaces and there are plenty of seating options indoors and outdoors.

My sister and I both went for an iced mocha after a perusal of the menu.

As you may or may not know, I am not a coffee drinker. In fact, I may have even gone as far as calling myself a coffee hater. So I was a tad worried that the iced mocha would be another one of my failed attempts at converting myself into a caffeine consumer.

I didn’t even think it was still possible after all these years to have my opinion changed, but after having that drink, I was completely sold.

That iced mocha was without the shadow of a doubt one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. The coffee to chocolate, ice to milk ratio was absolutely perfect. I wanted it to last forever!

Of course we had to take a picture with the fab floral print wall!

Overall, it was an awesome visit! The staff was so warm and welcoming, we couldn’t help but feel totally at ease.

I think there truly is something special in the name. It’s not just what we call the cafe but a reflection of how it makes us, it’s customers, feel: relaxed, happy and at ease. Sounds pretty solid holiday vibe to me!

P.S.: The straws weren’t plastic but paper 💚 A big green tick from Mother Earth too!

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