Taking Stock.

Hellooo beautiful people! I thought I’d get back into doing Taking Stock posts again as a way to try and touch base, so here’s my latest one! Hope you enjoy!

Making: A vow to myself to blog more consistently!

Cooking: Nothing new, actually πŸ™ˆ

Drinking: Tea, hot chocolate and water. If someone wants to send me drinks from Nina’s or Mugg & Bean then that’d be great πŸ˜‚

Reading: ‘Fierce Fairytales: Poems & Stories to Stir Your Soul’ by Nikita Gill and ‘The Bluest Eye’ by Toni Morrison

Wanting: To really branch out creatively this year and be a more organized student! #unilife

Looking: For more authentic and unique content online

Playing:Β Around with different blog post ideas, because why not try new things?

Wasting: Way. Too. Much. Time on overly long afternoon naps πŸ™ˆ #guilty

Sewing: Nothing at the moment, though how cool would it be to be able to make your own clothes??

Wishing: That travel was cheaper. There are so many places I’m dying to visit!

Another wish is that I get to interview more people soon! Sending that message out in the universe…

Enjoying: The nice weather we’ve been having, though it’s been a tad too hot on some days. Summer!

Waiting: Β For Justin Bieber to finally make a comeback, and this supposed Jonas Brothers reunion to happen.

I’m also waiting for more musicians to come put on shows here in PE!

Liking: How many markets our city holds monthly, they’re so so so much fun to go to! I’ll be writing blog posts about them all sometime soon!

Wondering: What it’s like to have a job that allows you to travel

Loving: Cartia Mallan, Eva Gutowski and Ellen Fisher’s vlogs! Give these a watch:

Hoping: To get to watch more surf events in future!

At just how big our world is. Our own individual realities are just a fraction of what’s out there: places to see, cultures to experience, people to meet!

Needing: To find ways to generate an income. And get my driver’s license before my learners expires!!!!! #pray4me

Wearing: More grey than black. And tights more often than actual jeans. Who’dhave thought?

Following:Β More Australian Youtubers, they make the most interesting content!

Noticing: Interesting new trends like wearing scruchies as wristbands?? Where did that one come from??

Knowing: That how I do over the next 2 years of my studies is going to count so much towards my future.

Thinking: About just how fast the year’s going by already, and where life will find me 5 years from now! I try not to think about the future too much because it really does take away from the present, but a girl just can’t help it sometimes!

Feeling: Expectant. There are always good things, big and small, in life to look forward to! And I hope to always remember that.

Bookmarking: A lot of interviews. This one about Shawn Mendes was pretty inspiring. Also,Β TWLOHA’s podcasts! The only podcasts I listen to.

Opening: Up more pockets of time in my day to read, because I don’t read nearly as much as I used to. And I really want to get back into the habit.

Smelling: Popcorn every time I walk past a certain spot on campus. I could really use some popcorn right about now!

Giggling: At the whole Fyre Festival saga, I need to watch the documentary! I only heard about the whole thing a month ago while watching a Forbes video series about the influencer industry. Linking itΒ here for anyone interested in watching it!

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