Colours of You.

Hellooo beautiful people!

Today’s post is for all the creatives! Creators, art appreciators and aspiring artists alike.

On Saturday (March 30th), we got to attend the fourth edition of the Colours of You South Africa (COYSA) Creative Festival!

The annual event co-founded by Zinzi May and Gerald Addison, is a celebration of the arts! It aims to promote artistic talent, and “all things South African by bringing people together through art & design”.

Fourty local creatives from all types of fields were featured! We’re talking art, fashion, film, music, dance and more.

The tickets were R80, and only R50 for students!

There were so many good photo ops at the event, like this cool backdrop. (My sister Gloria is pictured below ❤)

The event was held at The Gallery on Produce, a really great venue for an artistic event like this.

I loved how so many different forms of art and creative expression were showcased;  photography, typography, fashion, dance, music performances and even hair-styling as well!

Qualified barber and trainer Jesse Gallant at work…

Photograph to the right by Marc Hervé

Photograph below by Aviwe and Lihle Mtya

Art (to the left) by Jesse Sharkie and (to the right) by Angel Mey

Everyone who bought tickets in advance got free badges!

It was so cool to get to see Luke Rudman showcase his body art in person! Seeing the transformation from start to finish, live, was such a unique experience for everyone who attended.

Designer Gugu Peteni  launched her new range….

I really wish I’d taken more pictures and videos of the fashion show, it really was spectacular. The clothes, the models, the delivery of the whole thing was absolutely amazing!

I guess one has to find a balance between enjoying a show and recording it.

Quick break to go look for food, because what’s an event without good food??! There were plenty of food trucks – we had to get chips! Extra points for the forks not being made out of plastic.

Hot chocolate from Chingchino Coffee, so good!

For anyone wondering just how tall Luke is with this elaborate headpiece on – I’m 5’6 (168 cm) in height so you can make an estimation! 😂

My sister Gloria, our good friend Gift and I – love these giiirls ❤ We were all literally matching! 😂 Doesn’t get more sisterly than that.  

I had such a good time at Colours of You and got to meet so, so many lovely people!! I’d highly recommend going for the next event for anyone and everyone who’s never been! So mark your calendars for next year’s edition.

There was such a huge turnout, which just goes to show that there  is a growing appreciation for art in the Bay and a willingness from the public to show up and support. Our city of Port Elizabeth needs more events like this. Events like this inspire people and encourage other artists to keep creating! So much talents lives here and I get so excited watching people who love what they do, do what they do best and get acknowledged and appreciated for it.

I’m sure there are so many other artists out there in the city who would have loved to have an opportunity like Colours of You to showcase their talents. There’s so much potential for the festival to be even bigger next year.

What’s your view of the art scene in PE, and how art is perceived in general in African countries? What do you consider to be art? Lemme know in the comments!

I’ve tried my best to link all the artists, so click on all the names mentioned and give these creatives a follow to keep up with the amazing work they’re doing!

Hope you enjoyed my little recap, stay creative! Keep creating! Stay inspired!

P.S. Check out my sister’s amazing vlog below recapping the event to see everything you missed!

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