The Goodnight Market.

Hellooo beautiful people!

I hope the week has been treating you well. ❤

Today I’ll be continuing with my series of posts on markets in Port Elizabeth. This post is  dedicated to The Goodnight Market!

Markets offer such a fun and easy opportunity to catch-up with friends and family while enjoying some good, good food, and great music. The Goodnight Market offers all of the above.

The Goodnight Market is without a doubt one of my favourite markets of all, because it has such a warm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere. You can easily spend hours upon hours here without noticing time pass by, because you feel right at home.

2019-03-03 01.25.59 1.jpg

2019-03-03 01.28.11 1.jpg

Taking place on the last Thursday evening of every month, the Goodnight Market offers attendees the opportunity to enjoy artisanal foods provided by stalls catering to every craving you could possibly have; savoury, sweet, South African food, and even Asian or Greek cuisine – you name it, it’s all here!

2019-03-03 01.34.36 1.jpg

2019-03-03 01.35.21 1.jpg

2019-03-03 01.36.58 1.jpg

If you’re plant-based or vegan, Flourish Deli is an absolute must-try!

2019-04-25 09.47.15 1.jpg

2019-04-25 09.47.11 1.jpg

The stall my sister and I always make a beeline for is Hanmande ice-cream! Hanmade is a local business here in PE that sells handmade ice-cream of just about every single flavour you could possibly dream of; salted caramel, peanut butter, biscuit crumble, kit kat, coffee, vanilla choc-chip and more! And yes, it tastes just as good, if not better, than it sounds.

This ice-cream will literally blow your mind. You can taste the time and the effort that went into creating each and every tub-full. Rich both in flavour, and texture, you’ll be sure to keep coming back for more, the same way we have! I think our faces are now ingrained in the vendor’s mind now, hahaha! That might also be because we take an actual lifetime to decide on which flavour to buy, lol (sorry).

2019-03-03 01.21.37 1.jpg

2019-03-03 01.21.38 1.jpg

2019-04-25 09.39.08 1.jpg

Food isn’t the only thing you’ll find at the market, there are stalls selling beauty products, such as Life With Jacqueline (one of our absolute faves) and even art as well! Pictured below is artwork by Hilde Alet Malan on sale.

2019-03-03 01.31.55 1.jpg

The live music at the Goodnight Market really is the ribbon that ties the whole event together. The performers are always so amazing, and you can’t help but find yourself singing along (or getting a little video for the ’gram!)

2019-03-03 01.42.52 1.jpg

There is a R20 entrance fee at the door, which is honestly so worth the payment, because all of the proceeds go to the charity Love Story. Love Story is a relief organisation that gives back to the community by providing feeding schemes, education programmes as well as clothing distribution to the poor and marginalized, with the aim of alleviating poverty. It’s nice to know that the money you are paying is actually contributing to a worthy cause that has a direct impact on the community around you.

All in all, the Goodnight Market is most definitely worth blocking out your last-Thursday-of-the-months for. I hope I’ve managed to convince you to go if you’ve never been! And if you have already, I hope this reminds you to keep on going, and inviting even more of your friends and family to go with you!

That’s all for today’s post, till next time.



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