My First #ECMeetup experience.

Helloooo beautiful people!

Hope that the week has been treating you well and that the cold weather isn’t getting you down.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the #ECMeetup for the first time ever, an annual event for bloggers and influencers around the Eastern Cape here in South Africa, to connect and learn more about blogging and social media. The networking event is founded and run by bloggers Eleanor Douglas-Meyers and Luchae Williams, who saw a need for more opportunities for bloggers and brands to connect and have events, in the Eastern Cape.

I was pretty nervous to go as it was my first time ever, coupled with the fact that I’m a relatively new blogger, but I’m so glad that I went! I had such an amazing time. I met so many lovely people at the event and learned so much from the panel of speakers.

This year’s meetup was held at the The Boma, such a stunning location for such a great event. After receiving our name-tags, we all had the opportunity to check out all the stalls on display. From Tell Your Tale, to Mastertons Coffee,  Oh Snap Instant Camera Hire and more, there was so much to see!



2019-06-03 01.24.03 1.jpg
Pictured: Fashion Blogger Desiree Fernandez


2019-06-03 01.26.21 1.jpg
Pictured: Desiree Fernandez and talk show host & fitness guru Sharon Jessop

The Oh Snap display was definitely one of my faves, everyone had so much fun getting to have their Polaroid pictures taken. In the digital age that we live in we’re sooo used to just keeping all of our pictures on our phones, but I don’t think anything beats having physical pictures to keep with you!

2019-06-01 06.15.24 1.jpg

The set-up inside was just as beautiful as it was outdoors..

How gorgeous are these cookies from It’s Cookie Time?! The attention to detail in the way that the cookies were decorated is out of this world! And yes, they tasted just as good as they looked.

We had the opportunity to listen to Locally Yours Market founder, Annelize Botha, share about her inspiring corporate journey and the heart behind the Locally Yours Market to grow the potential of small businesses in Port Elizabeth.

We then got to hear from our amazing panelists, local bloggers Megan Kelly Botha, Anje RautenbachLaurina Machite and Amanda Klaas. They shared so much knowledge with us on all things blogger and social media related. The biggest takeaway that I got was to stay authentic and stay true to yourself! Brands and audiences can easily tell when someone’s being fake.

The next most important thing discussed was the need for all of us to support and collaborate with each other more. I wholeheartedly agree! So much growth and learning comes from collaborating, it was cool of them to remind us that there are enough opportunities out there to go around for everyone. We shouldn’t be each others’ competition but each others’ supporters instead.

Now, an event isn’t complete without food! And The Boma definitely delivered. The theme for this year’s event was “celebrate diversity”, so we were treated to a menu made up of amazing South African cuisine. From Koeksisters, Umfino (Xhosa spinach & maize meal), Pampoen Koekies (pumpkin fritters) and more. We sure were spoilt for choice!

Everyone was treated to a number of giveaway prizes at the meetup as well. I won a hamper from Annique Beauty! To top it all off we were also treated to a hamper of products from Koo, and the most insaaanee goodie bag!! Like, quite possibly the best goodie bag I’ve ever received in my entire life. I can’t wait to try all of these products, and I’m so grateful to all the event sponsors for spoiling us like this!

2019-06-03 01.49.18 1.jpg


I had such a good time at my first #ECMeetup. The event left me feeling so inspired to write more and to put more work into my blog. If you’re a blogger, always remember to have fun doing what you do, and write about the things that you genuinely love! You can’t go wrong with that in mind.

A huge, huge thank-you to Luchae and Eleanor for pulling off such a fantastic event, cannot wait for the next one!

Till next time


2019-06-03 01.47.21 1.jpg
Pictured: Katherine


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