Cocoa Life.

I looveee chocolate! And I don’t really understand people who don’t 😂 But that’s a story for another day.

When I first received an EC Meetup email detailing an invite to lunch at No. 5 by Mantis Hotel hosted by Cadbury, my immediate response was yes!!

So last week Saturday, July 20th, a group of us EC bloggers got to join Country Lead of Mondelēz International Cocoa Life Programme in Ghana, Yaa Peprah Amekudzi, at No. 5 by Mantis to learn more about Cadbury’s recent partnership with Cocoa Life, a sustainability programme that aims to address the challenges faced by cocoa farmers, grow their communities, empower women and has already equipped almost 150 000 farmers with the skills needed to enable them to grow cocoa more effectively.

Although Cadbury has been Fairtrade since 2009, the company still felt the need to do more for cocoa farming communities, which is why they made the decision to partner with Cocoa Life.

Since its inception 10 years ago, when it was formerly known as the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership, Yaa Peprah Amekudzi has been the country lead of Cocoa Life, and has created partnerships with government and non-governmental agencies.

“Starting with 100 communities in 7 districts, Yaa has expanded Cocoa Life to cover 450 communities in 17 districts within a period of 10 years, directly impacting 38,421 cocoa farmers and 415,464 community members of which 224,301 are young persons.”

I think it’s amazing to see that a big company like Mondelēz International actually takes the time and effort to ensure that the cocoa used in their products is responsibly sourced, and that the lives of the actual farmers themselves, are being improved. 

We never really stop to think about where our chocolate actually comes from. This lunch meetup made me have a newfound appreciation for my all-time favourite sweet treat, and hopefully this information will help you to realise that it’s important to think about which companies you choose to give your money to, and to know what their philosophies are.

A big thank-you to Cadbury, and to Yaa Peprah Amekudzi, for taking the time out to educate us bloggers more about this amazing initiative. It was also so nice to get to learn more about Ghana, and the traditional kente cloth (kente cloth in the past was often worn by royalty, and every colour and pattern is different and holds a unique meaning). 

Don’t forget to look out for the Cocoa Life logo on your chocolate bar next time you’re in the shops! And remember to spend a little more time appreciating and savouring every single bite of your favourite sweet treats.

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