Kindred Kitchen.

“If you don’t eat meat, then what do you actually eat?” 

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, then you’ve probably heard at least a dozen variations of this question directed at you. The amount of skepticism shown almost always sent me into defense mode, but what I’ve come to learn is that the reason why people ask is because they genuinely want to know.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 6, going on 7 years now, and what I’ve seen over the past couple of years is an exciting rise in more vegan/vegetarian food options on restaurant menus and in supermarkets.

Enter The Kindred Kitchen! When I first heard that PE would be getting a vegan restaurant, I was quite surprised, because Port Elizabeth doesn’t have the biggest vegan/vegetarian food scene. A peek at Kindred Kitchen’s Instagram page will show you pictures of dishes bursting with colour and expertly presented. After following their page religiously for the past 2 years or so, the chance to visit finally arrived! 

My Mom, sister and I paid a visit about 2 weeks ago and absolutely loved it! There’s always the danger of a place often talked about to not live up to the hype, but it most certainly did. 

Their boho decor featured lovely pieces from Bowhome, and photographs taken by our own local photographers, such as Kody McGregor were on display, projecting a vibe that was both serene, and undeniably hipster. 

We opted to sit outside because the weather was so amazing that morning.

I had their hot chocolate, made with raw cacao and soy milk, and it was perfect! It didn’t have the artificial taste a lot of restaurant hot chocolates typically have, and was still big on flavour. 

Now to the food! As you may already know, I’m a bit of a picky eater. When anything is too far from what I’m used too, too different, or combines too many things together, I avoid it like the plague. Which is why I was still a fair bit skeptical about whether or not I’d enjoy the food. 

I’m happy to report that their food was actually pretty amazing. I had their banana bread flapjacks topped with seasonal fruit and rooibos syrup. You heard that right, me of all people ate actual syrup and enjoyed it. The seasonal fruit, especially the kiwi fruit, on top created a fantastic combination of flavours. Another deviation from what I’d normally eat. As a rule, I don’t eat fruits together with things, but even I had to admit that that combination was gold. 

My Mom ordered their Big Breakfast, which is made up of potato rostis, stuffed brown mushrooms, avocado, slow cooked tomatoes, and baked beans served with rocket and toast. We all sampled each other’s food and lemme tell you, those rostis are TO DIE FOR, to ACTUALLY die for! Such savoury, flavourful goodness, I’m so curious as to how they make it and what they put in it! That stuff has the potential to be dangerously addictive 😂

My sister, Gloria, had their Chickpea Crepe topped with avocado, hummus, slow cooked mushrooms and onion, cashew cream, microgreens and dukkah. That crepe was also a solid 10 out of 10.

We really enjoyed our first-time visit, and look forward to trying everything else on their menu (I mean, they even make their own vegan Snickers, aahhh!). 

If you’ve ever been curious about vegan food, or are already vegan to begin with, then this place is a must-visit. 

That marks the end of today’s post, see you in my next update! 


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