A fresh start.

*Britney Spears voice* It’s been a while!

I hope it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year! I like to believe that the first two months of the year are a trial run, therefore all judgement on how disoriented a person still is after the holidays should be reserved. 😂 January and February aside though, I strongly believe that every single day, and every single moment offers us an opportunity to start again. 

That’s not to say that I don’t get wrapped up in the magic that comes with the stroke of midnight – I do. But every single day that comes after that has the potential to be just as, if not more, magical as the first.

I usually put together a post recapping my year with pictures, but this time, I just wasn’t feeling it. Not because last year wasn’t worth remembering (it was an amazing, amazing year!!), I just felt like I’d documented so much of my year through blogging and Instagram, and that was more than enough for me. 

I never ever want writing on this blog to feel like a chore. I only ever want to write about the things that I truly care about, and the things that genuinely excite me, move me or feel worth writing about. Nothing less.

I’m hoping for more adventures this year, less time spent on my phone and on social media, new experiences that push me out of my comfort zone and the opportunity to interview more people for my blog, because that’s something that I’m super passionate about. There are just so many exciting and inspiring life stories out there that need to be shared. 

Those are just a few of the things that I’m hoping for in the year ahead. 

What are you hoping for in 2020? 

Let me know! Till next time.

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