Have a listen.

I cannot beliieeevee it’s been three years since I did one of these posts! Looks like I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. If you’re new here, I like to put together compilations of the music I listen to, and share my thoughts about how I found the songs or why I like them so much.

So without further ado, here’s today’s ‘Have A Listen’ post…

Sugar by Beach Fossils

This song just gives me major beach/summer/surfing vibes.

Basic Instinct by The Acid

I first heard this song during an episode of How To Get away with murder. That show’s soundtrack is insaaanee!! So, so good.

I’ll Still Have Me by Cyn

I just love the romantic feel of this song.

Uptown Folks by Dope Lemon 

This is the kind of feel-good jam that belongs on eeeeverybody’s road-trip playlist.

Exhale by Sabrina Carpenter 

Sabrina Carpenter is so, so underrated. One of the most talented vocalists I’ve ever listened to (I mean, the girl’s literally having her Broadway debut in Mean Girls soon). Plus, the lyrics to this song are so relatable.

Used To Be In Love by The Jungle Giants

You know those songs that you just can’t disassociate from a certain memory? This is one of them for me. Every single time I hear this song, my mind takes me straight back to Supertubes, watching the Corona Open J-Bay last year.

My Own Way by Kita Alexander

I found out about Kita Alexander through her partner, Australian surfer Owen Wright. This woman is so underrated, I just love the laid-back, funky vibe her music exudes.

Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns

Heard this while watching Finneas’s Teen Vogue ‘Playlist of My Life’ video, and it sounded crazy familiar. Love everything about it.

Salt And The Sea by The Lumineers

This has to be, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful songs that the Lumineers have ever put out.

Best Day Ever by Mac Miller 

An oldie, but a goldie. I think I’ll forever be in-love with this song and this video 😭❤️

Cool Around You by Yo Grapes

I first heard this song on my friend Rebecca’s playlist and just thought it was the sweetest song.

Fades Away by Avicii 

I watched Avicii’s tribute concert and it sent me into a big black hole of bingeing all his old music. I finally listened to his posthumous album ‘Tim’, and almost every single song on that album is a solid favourite, it’s perfect. If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to pick a favourite off of the album, I think I’d choose Fades Away.

Unstable by Zak Abel 

Okay, but how beautiful is this man’s voice and his face??? Also, this video was shot here in South Africa, you can definitely hear the influence of that in the sound and feel of the track.

We Did It by Area 21

If I ever achieve something incredible one day, this song BETTER be playing in the background 😂

Hurts To Be Hurt by Vargas & Lagola 

If you’ve never ever heard of Vargas & Lagola, odds are that you have heard of some of the artists that they have worked with (Katy Perry, Madonna, Sia, Galantis and more). The duo recently came out with their debut album, The Butterfly Effect, and I really do think it’s a masterpiece. Not that I’d expect anything less from such gifted musicians, but wow! Their music almost feels three-dimensional, that’s how rich the sound is, like you can hear, touch and feel it all around you. Super dreamy.

That marks the end of today’s ‘Have A Listen’ post! Lemme know what you’ve been listening to 😊 Always fun finding new songs.

Till next time.






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