Cape Saint Francis.

Helloooo beautiful people!

I thought I’d do a little travel post today. 

When it comes to picking where to live, or where to vacation, I would much rather be in a place that is by the sea. I feel like I subconsciously start to slip into a state of mental disarray when I’m away from the ocean for too long. There’s no denying the restorative power of ocean air, and the calm the sight of the sea alone, brings. 

We spent some time down in Cape St Francis during the December/January holidays. It’s not too far out from Port Elizabeth (about an hour and a half’s worth of driving, away). 

Cape St Francis is a lovely little place I’d describe as the more rugged version of St Francis Bay. A quick Google search will tell you that it’s a seaside village famous for its waves. I’m no surfer but judging by the number of people that were out in the water on their boards whenever we’re there, I’m thinking the place definitely lives up to its reputation.

You can’t help but fall in love with how quiet, secluded and seemingly untouched Cape St Francis is. The winding roads and endless expanses of lush greenery lining every street make it a postcard-perfect landscape.

2020-01-30 10.27.22 1.jpg

I feel like the only way a person can truly achieve feeling more like a local in a place that is relatively new, is to eat at a restaurant in said city/town. If you’re ever in the Cape St Francis area, I cannot recommend the ‘Full Stop Cafe’ enough.

After scouring the internet – we’re talking Google searches, Google Maps, Instagram location tags – I happened to stumble upon this place. I was drawn to the minimalistic decor, seemingly laid back vibe, and overall surfer theme (the kids menu is literally titled ‘For the groms’). 

Although it took forever for us to be seated, it was, in their defense, high season. And besides, the food was so worth the wait. The pizza was fantastic (so, so flavourful!), while their zucchini fries were honestly the best I’ve ever had. No joke.

2020-02-24 02.05.45 1.jpg

After enjoying our meal, we made it to the Seal Point Lighthouse. It was just as beautiful as I imagined it to be. After months and months of only seeing it in photographs, it was a little surreal to see it in person. You’d think that the thing was built yesterday, and not back in 1878, with how magnificently it still stands in all it’s towering, gleaming-white glory. The surrounding beach was just as gorgeous.

I’d hide away here for three weeks straight if I could. If you’re ever in the Eastern Cape, Cape St Francis is definitely worth the visit, and worth spending a little more time to get to know.


That marks the end of today’s post! Till next time, friends.


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