Thoughts on the Coronavirus pandemic.

Who would’ve thought that 2020 would be the year that an infectious disease would bring the whole entire globe to a standstill? Not me! But here we are. 

It feels like we’re in the middle of a weird apocalyptic, dystopian film. As of today, South Africa is 14 days into a 35-day lockdown. No leaving the house unless you need to buy groceries, or see the doctor. 

To be completely honest with you, I never thought that the virus would spread as far and as fast as it has. My feelings about the entire situation change almost as quickly and as often as the Coronavirus situation/rate of infection itself. One minute I’m terribly anxious, next minute I’m joyous about the “holiday” we’ve been given, then the next minute I’m in a state of despair over how people are losing their livelihoods overnight, and how I won’t get to enjoy things like going for the Grahamstown Arts Festival, or Corona Open J-Bay this year, things I’ve looked forward to for MONTHS now. But then I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt over having such superficial problems, for worrying about things like that first, before worrying about more important things like how this will affect the last academic year of my degree. 

As devastating as the situation is, I think there are still a few positives that have come out of it. Pollution levels have gone down thanks to everyone being forced to stay indoors, and this shutdown has also forced people to connect more, slow down, stay put and just rest for once. We live in a world with such a toxic go, go go mentality that just doesn’t do anyone any favours in terms of stress levels and overall well-being. 

If you want to use this time to bulldoze through your to-do list, then that’s great. But also take the time to just be, to rest, to reset and recharge. You’ll never get another chance like this to do so. If all you’re gonna do for the next couple of weeks is chill out, then don’t feel guilty about that, because that’s great too. 

The exhaustion I’d been feeling leading up to this pandemic was overwhelming, so the timing of this pandemic almost feels like fate, a gift. 

However it is that you choose to pass the time, I hope that self care ends up being a part of your plan.

Here are the basics:

-Wash your hands, and for at least 20 seconds!! 

-Practice social distancing 

-If your country is under lockdown, stay at home 

-Keep hand sanitiser with you at all times 

-Purchase a disinfectant to spray down surfaces.

-Avoid and don’t spread fake news. No one needs the extra anxiety 

If you’re looking for ways to keep busy (stay sane) here are a few ideas:

-Do some reading 

-Catch up on your favourite shows 

-Watch a movie (my sister and I have watched 9 so far!) 


-Listen to music

-Go for a walk around your neighborhood (if you’re not under lockdown yet) 

-Do a home workout, there are plenty of free resources online (i.e Fitness Blender, BlogilatesCandibod and more) 

-Text/call/Face-time your friends & family 

-Keep up with your favourite musicians online, a lot of them are doing live streams and taking song requests. It’s such a great way to connect. (Zak Abel does one every single night) 

-Cook a new recipe 

-Organise your closet 

-Listen to podcasts (I love To Write Love On Her ArmsPretty Basic & Rewilding

-Pamper yourself: Do a facial or do your nails 

-Have an indoor photoshoot!

-Keep up with sites like To Write Love On Her Arms for mental health resources 

-Start a blog/YouTube channel 

I hope this post was a little helpful. It’s a pretty crazy time we’re living in right now. Look after yourself, and try to stay calm (of course that’s easier said than done)! We’re all in this together so you have the comfort of knowing that everyone in the entire world is going through the exact same thing as you are, and one day, this will all be over. 

How are you passing the time during this period of uncertainty? I’d love to know! 

Sending all my love to you all, wherever in the world you are right now. ❤️

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