Have a listen.

Hello beautiful people! 

I hope you’re having a rad week, and even if you aren’t, at least there’s music to make you feel better. I thought I’d check in and share what I’ve been listening to:

See Me by Xeniah Manasseh

What I would give to see and hear this live! Kenyan musicians are amazing.

Skinny Skinny by Ashton Irwin 

Ashton Irwin branching off to create a solo project was the last thing that I was expecting. I’m so glad that I clicked on this video. It has to be the most beautiful thing ever. His entire debut album, ‘Superbloom’, is an absolute masterpiece. The lyrics are deeply vulnerable and address topics ranging from depression and body dysmorphia to addiction. The ‘Skinny Skinny’ video is especially important because you seldom see male musicians discuss body dysmorphia or eating disorders, when those are issues that affect men too. This song is simple yet beautiful, profound in what it represents. This album is a triumph. I’d like to give a special mention to ‘Drive’ and ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For’ which I’ve been listening to obsessively. Head-bang worthy.  

Lonely Heart by 5SOS

I think we’ve all been sleeping on 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ll admit that I didn’t pay too much attention to them in-between their first album and their third album, ‘Youngblood’. After listening to band-member Ashton Irwin’s album ‘Superbloom’, I decided to revisit their music. I became a fan overnight. Their last album, ‘Calm’, is criminally underrated. Give it a listen!!!!!! Then you can stop living the sad existence that I was living before I’d discovered more of their music and we can sing and boogie together.

Back In My Body by Maggie Rogers

This song sounds like what a massive celebration and triumph feels like. All of Maggie’s music does. This woman has perfected a special formula of sounds that touch you deep in your soul while making you feel like dancing like there isn’t a care in the world. 

Glass House by Machine Gun Kelly

I didn’t think it was possible to listen to a song so many times without hating it. I love Machine Gun Kelly and have been listening to his music for some time now. Yes, I’m that fan. The ‘Where the hell have you all been? I’ve been here all along!’ type of fan that we all absolutely love to hate and find in every YouTube comment section of an artist’s video. I’m so glad that people are finally giving him the recognition he deserves thanks to his latest album ‘Tickets To My Downfall’. 

Jackie Kennedy by Bahari

If we’re going to be talking about criminally underrated musicians, I think that Bahari tops that list. Give these gals a listen. They deserve to blow-up, their music is so dreamy and emotion-filled.

Best Of You by Foo Fighters 

Am I the only one who still cannot get over the fact that  David Grohl was a former band-member of ‘Nirvana’???? I only found out this piece of information recently and it’s still blowing my mind. The fact that you can have that kind of career longevity. The fact that this man went from being a drummer to a front-man. Legendary.

Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow

This song is what you can only describe as ‘bursting at the seams with emotion’. The kind of song that makes your heart swell at the climax of the chorus and wait with baited breath in anticipation with the build up. I love slow, soulful songs. This one has a jubilant, triumphant feel to it too, together with the melancholy and I love it.

Jump The Gun by Hockey Dad

Every single time I listen to this band’s music I feel like selling all my belongings and moving to Australia to spend the rest of my life by the sea, living a life filled with nothing but sun-drenched beach-days. Sadly this capitalist society will most definitely keep me slaving away after that dream for the rest of my life while ensuring to keep it just out of my reach forever, lol. I would die if I got to see them live, Australian bands are on a level of their own, in a world of they’re own on another plane of existence where the world moves at a more relaxed, fun and dream-like pace.

god save me, but don’t drown me out by Yungblud

This song sounds like Yungblud was trying to sonically replicate what a great big, bear- hug feels like while simultaneously telling us that it’s all going to be alright (the latter which he actually, verbally, does in a recording at the end of the song). I love the strong sense of community he has fostered among his fans. A lot of people, me included, feel a lot less alone thanks to his music. Dom’s voice always screams, ‘this is exactly how I feel and this comes straight from somewhere deep, deep down in my heart’.

Don’t Need Nothing by Aly & AJ

Strong road-trip vibes with this one! My inner 9-year-old is screeaaaming over the fact that Aly & AJ are making music again. Pop-punk/indie queens forever.

Indigo Night by Tamino 

This man has no business being THIS good-looking and this talented!! Thank you YouTube suggestions for this gem of a discovery.

That’s all for today’s music post! Happy listening, friends. 


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