Turning 25.

I turned 25 on Saturday. 

I stopped feeling like my age a long time ago. I don’t feel like my life experiences are expansive enough to reflect that number. 

But what I can say with confidence, is that I feel more like myself than I ever have. 

I used to think that I was a failure for not sticking to things (hobbies or interests) consistently, but we’re human and our interests change. We can’t live life mechanically like that. Who you are as a person isn’t fixed or set in stone. You are allowed, and even encouraged, to explore every possible version of yourself. 

A question I found really interesting, is ‘If your life was the same as it is now, in 5 years, would you be happy?’ 

Something I really want to pay attention to, is ensuring that I don’t postpone my life. And that if I’m ever curious enough about something, to make sure that I do it now. I’m not getting any younger after all, lol. 

I’m not scared of getting older anymore, though. In fact, I look forward to my 30s and 40s. I feel like that’s when I’m gonna be in my prime. 

I used to always dream of being married with kids by this age but thank God I’m not!! For the first time in my life, I get to dedicate my time to myself and becoming the very best version of myself after years of being tied up by school and other obligations (the student paper or church children’s/teens’ ministry). 

I want to get a paying job. I want to see more of South Africa. I want to learn how to swim, so that I can learn how to surf one day. I want to interview more people and write articles for other websites. I want to type out all of my journals because who knows? They could become a book one day. I want to dedicate more time to reading and playing my guitar. I want to learn how to skateboard, go for more hikes, more run club trail runs. Things like that. 

It’s a balance. Understanding that we don’t have forever, but also knowing that there is no time limit to life or anything and you get to run your own race. 

3 thoughts on “Turning 25.

  1. Yeah! As a person you really need to grow, you can’t stay on the same spot Everytime…you didn’t want to grow beyond 25 for your reasons but some people’s reasons are unreasonable because it is the issue of responsibility but nonetheless good luck on your to do list.


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