Baakens Food Truck Funday.

I had this post ready and waiting in my drafts for months – and then the pandemic started. For a while, I was scared that we would never have events like this again. Considering how long we were trapped indoors for, you can forgive me for jumping to that conclusion.

Baakens Food Truck Funday (which used to be Baakens Food Truck Friday and now also includes Trucker Tuesday) is a beloved street food market that takes place here in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). When you put mobile food and the right music together, magic happens. The event entry is FREE and you can find whatever food craving that your heart desires on site. 

You can expect to find a well-curated selection of food offered at the event. We’re taking waffles, coffee, doughnuts, asian food, the humble fries – you name it. Holiday Coffee makes some pretty excellent coffee brews (they make iced hot chocolate on request too!) and you can never go wrong with Foongs (their spring rolls are everything).  Waffelbak is also another popular pick and Chubby’s is a great go-to if you’re on the lookout for some great chips.

I miss the good ol’ days when Baakens Food Truck Funday used to be held outside in the valley! But every iteration of the event has still been amazing. You can now find Trucker Tueday/Food Truck Funday taking place at either Chicky’s Yard or The Gallery on Produce, each equally vibe-y spots perfect for much-needed catch-ups and hangouts with friends. 

I love food events! What sets this market apart from the rest is the diverse crowd it attracts. Here you’ll find people from every age group, race and ethnicity and maybe that’s why there’s such a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome and the atmosphere ensures that everyone feels that way. Just in case you’re wondering, the event is family friendly too! Baakens Food Truck Funday takes place from about 5pm to 9pm. I honestly often like to dip out of events as soon as possible, but this is one that’s actually worth sticking around all night for.

I also like the fact that despite the fact that it’s an open event with no entry fee and takes place outside, safety has never been an issue.

Street food markets overall are a clever concept and food trucks are always more fun.

We were at Trucker Tuesday last week at the Gallery on Produce and had the best time. We ran into so many friends too. Celso was one of the DJs that night (you might remember him from one of the first interviews I did on here!). He was incredible and seeing the way everyone responded to the music was too, too good.

I’m so glad that events are happening on a more regular basis again. Living in isolation eats away at you and you don’t even realise it till you’re around other people again. We need each other more than we’ll ever know. 

I hope that you’ve had a chance to be out and about some more over the past few months. It seems a bit daunting at first but if your favourite recluse (me) can manage, then so can you.

That’s all for today friends, see you in my next post!

Trucker Tuesday

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