African Perfection.

If you’ve been here for a while, then you may remember this post and this post about my favourite little beach town, Jeffrey’s Bay. J-Bay locals live a life centered around the ocean and surfing. That’s probably why the town has such an undeniable laid-back feel. 

Supertubes has to be one of the most famous waves in the world (think the WSL championship tour) and is widely considered as the best right-hand point-break out there. It’s wild to think that for us Eastern Cape locals, it sits right here in our backyard. 

Sitting right above the wave of every surfer’s dreams, is African Perfection, luxury guesthouses on Supertubes. It really doesn’t get much better than this. The guesthouses are made up of three self-catering properties and two B&B properties. When African Perfection reached out to offer a complimentary stay, the answer was a no-doubt-about-it yes, yes, yes! 

My mom, sister, friend and I had the pleasure of staying in rooms 14 and 15 of African Perfection 2 – bright, beautiful rooms with spectacular ocean views. AP 2 is a stunning beach house equipped with a downstairs kitchen, living room (with a pretty cool selection of coffee table books) and an expansive outdoor deck, which are communal. Upstairs on the first floor is where you’ll find the bedrooms. The rooms are quite spacious, which means that a comfy, cosy stay is guaranteed.

When you’re out of town, being in a central location is so key. No one likes spending their limited time away, scrambling to find the nearest shop or eating spots. Thanks to the prime location, we were a short walking distance from Wavecrest Shopping centre and Nina’s, our favourite go-to restaurant whenever we’re in Jeffrey’s Bay. 

We had a relaxing night in our rooms that evening after supper. Words can’t describe how special it is to be able to hear the waves breaking along the shore around the clock. You’ll never have a better sleep in your life than one that is guided by the sound of the ocean. 

People here wake up early. And I mean early, early – not 7:30 early, lol. I could totally see why. We were all up by 6pm to catch the sunrise and a good number of people were up even earlier than that to get a good surf in or just spend time enjoying the beach. 

Breakfast is between 7 and 11am and the breakfast restaurant is open to the public as well. We’d been looking forward to sampling African Perfection’s breakfast restaurant for quite some time and we really enjoyed it. I had the chocolate-chip flapjacks, a perfect combination of crispy edges and a warm and fluffy inside. Super yum! 

Checkout is at 11am and we were definitely sad to leave! Especially on a day drenched in sunshine. After a quick stop at the J-Bay Surf Village and First Light Coffee Bar, it was finally time to head back home. 

We enjoyed every minute of our stay and hope to be back soon! If you’re ever in town and looking for a place to stay, there’s no question about – African Perfection is the place to be. 

That’ s all for today! See you in my next post.

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