A little life update.

Hellooooo internet friends!! 

I hope that you’re doing alright, it’s been a while. 

I run a blog that doesn’t necessarily have a set niche. Sometimes I want to rant about my (verrry mainstream) music taste, rave about favourite shows or write long/fancy articles about the places that I’ve been. And other times I just want to complain about life lol. 

I get terrified of saying too much here. It all comes down, again, to constantly reevaluating my relationship with the internet. Sometimes I want to spam everyone, on everything. And sometimes I feel like erasing my digital footprint completely.

Here is a little life update! 

I’m still trying to finish my honours degree. Emphasis on trying. My heart hasn’t been in it and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever finish. 

We don’t have to wear masks anymore, which is so great. But a little scary. I actually quite enjoyed getting to hide in plain sight while out in public, and now I feel hyper-aware of what my face is doing. Life is still pretty quiet and feels like lockdown. Very, very monotonous. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a side-effect of post-pandemic life or just the crushing reality of life in your mid-to-late twenties – idk!

I got a job with Daily Maverick, writing weekly articles about events around the country. I couldn’t have imagined-up a better-suited job. I’m so endlessly grateful for it. Even the serendipitous way that I got the job, keeps me up at night. Seeing my name in print every week is a dream come true, it’s so surreal. 

You spend your whole entire childhood and adolescence having a clear-cut path laid in front of you. Then adulthood hits you square in the face and you find yourself, if anything, unlearning absolutely everything you think you knew about yourself and the world around you.

Just in case you were wondering, I still listen to 5SOS a lot. Maybe a part of me is trying desperately hard to cling to the 17-year-old version of myself. It’s actually hilarious that I managed to listen to “Good Girls” as much as I did back in 2014 without getting sick of it. That’s really something else! Lol. 

I’ll be seeing my new therapist again soon. She’s the perfect fit for me and I’m so glad that my old therapist left me in good hands. I miss her a lot. I think I’ll write to her soon. 

How has life been treating you? 

I hope with everything in me that all is well!

Till next time. 


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