Hi there!!

Welcome to my blog, The Here & Now. This is a digital space dedicated to all the things that I love most in the world; art, music, events, travel and life in general.

I’m Christina Makochieng, a Kenyan blogger born and raised in South Africa (I hold dual citizenship). I live in the beautiful seaside city of Port Elizabeth. I’m passionate about sharing stories about both of my homes in Kenya and South Africa, as well as those of the inspiring individuals who live there.

My work experience has seen me as an intern for Africa 24, assisting in covering the Nelson Mandela Bay fashion week for the Herald, being my university student paper’s lifestyle & entertainment editor, a contributing writer & editor of Cappuccino Magazine, a social media manager for ‘The South African’ and more. I am also a BA Media, Communication & Culture graduate (Nelson Mandela University).

I think words are powerful and that’s why I love to write. 

I hope that you enjoy your time here in my little corner of the internet. Pop me a message if you ever wanna chat! I’m always a click away. 

See you in my next post! 

Love & light,